President Trump Finally Bows: Leftists SEETHING with Anger

President Trump Finally Bows: Leftists SEETHING with Anger

Donald Trump bowed recently. And it only got negative coverage.

Interestingly, the backlash wasn’t because of the bow. In fact, I could find nowhere the bow has been mentioned.

But see for yourself, as the bow did occur.

British novelist JK Rowling ranted recently about this incident. Her claim was that President Trump ignored the little boy who sat in the wheelchair.

Look at the video again, and you will see that the President of the United States acknowledge the young man completely. In fact, he bowed to him.

The president humbled himself before the weakest of our citizens in order to recognize the little boy’s humanity. And some British skank spread vicious lies about the man.

Her actions pretty much sums up Leftism. Once it sets its course, there’s no changing it.

Why is JK “don’t call me Joanne” Rowling relevant anyway?

So what this bitch has a vivid imagination, and writes clever books? Does that means she should meddle in U.S. politics?

The average American doesn’t give a shit about British politics. If the Brits want to be Muslim, have at it. We will vacation elsewhere, until the next Churchill comes along. But Brits seem very interested in the politics of a country that kicked their bourgeois asses 200+ years ago.

‘Trump imitated a disabled reporter,’ she tweeted to her 11 million followers. ‘Now he pretends not to see a child in a wheelchair, as though frightened he might catch his condition.

Trump did not pretend not to see the child. In fact, he goes out of his way to recognize the child, giving him a moment few people in this country get.

The child had been invited because he is a victim of Obamacare.

Then Rowling called the president a narcissist, much of which she has been told. Talking points only. But she buttresses her emotions on the fake news video. My bet is she only saw a video produced by some Leftist hack, and she decided to run with the narrative.

Next, Rowling takes a stab at Trump, implying that he only cares about his family.

‘(Unless related to him by ties of blood, and therefore his creations) are tread with contempt, because they do not resemble Trump,’ she continued.

But the 51-year-old writer wasn’t finished. She next declared that her mother used a wheelchair before adding: So yes, that clip of Trump looking deliberately over a disabled child’s head, ignoring his outstretched hand, has touched me on the raw.

I bet her mother was on socialized medicine or she likely could have walked.

Finally, Rowling tweeted

‘That man occupies the most powerful office in the free world and his daily outrages against civilised (sic) norms are having a corrosive effect.

Now we wait on Rowling to apologize. One of her fellow Brits said she has no choice.

Former CNN host Piers Morgan slammed author J.K. Rowling this weekend for tweets she posted about President Trump.

“JK Rowling’s 8 abusive tweets remain up, 48hrs after they were proven to be based on a lie,” Morgan wrote on Sunday.

Even CNN’s Brian Stelter got in on the fray, and throwing shade on Chelsea Clinton:

What I find most interesting about this story is the fact that Rowling screwed up royally. And that’s what the Left has done on Trump since he hit the scene.

Had Trump not run for president, Rowling would not find anything Trump does in his personal life abhorrent in the least. But despite her success and wealth, she still succumbs to the need for adulation. And hatred of Trump will get you that for sure.

Don’t expect Rowling to apologize. That would require her having a soul.

President Trump, America thanks you for knowing when to bow.






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