Trump Goes on Offense: Leftists Scared Sh*tless

Trump Goes on Offense: Leftists Scared Sh*tless

Democrats have every right to be scared.

Donald Trump has been a one-man wrecking crew against leftism. If it weren’t for the fact that baby black Jesus lost over 1,000 Democrat politicos their jobs, Trump would be a solid number in the destruction of Democrats.

In the long run, Trump will take top honors. He’s destroyed CNN, and hurt other media. MSNBC has a temporary surge, however I assure you it won’t last.

I know from inside sources that the president has been frustrated with the handling of the Russian farce. As most people are aware President Trump sent a shot over the bow of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Republicans.

Apparently Republicans took the hint.

We learned from Breitbart,

House conservatives will launch an effort to conduct an official House Judiciary Committee-led congressional investigation into former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and fired former FBI director James Comey, a notorious leaker, Breitbart News can confirm exclusively.

Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Mike Johnson (R-LA) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) have drafted an amendment that would compel government cooperation with a congressional probe into Lynch’s and Comey’s activities.

Specifically, the amendment—a draft of which was obtained by Breitbart News—would compel the production of documents and evidence regarding Lynch’s order to Comey to “mislead the American people by starting he should refer to the investigation into the mishandling of classified data and use of an unauthorized email server by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a ‘matter,’ rather than a criminal ‘investigation.’”

The amendment specifically presses the Department of Justice to cooperate with the congressional investigation this would create, making it easier for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to probe these and the other matters laid out.

As for Sessions, he too may have taken the warning seriously.

According to CNN,

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will soon make an announcement regarding stepped-up efforts on leak investigations, according to an official familiar with the plans.

CNN has learned that the announcement has been in the works for some time and will now most likely happen in the next week.

The impending announcement from the Justice Department on leaks, first reported by The Washington Post, deepens the intrigue surrounding a possible detente between Trump and Sessions.

What this means is the president has instructed his administration to go on offense.

As Breitbart continues,

President Donald Trump has very publicly expressed displeasure with the lack of action on the investigative front into these matters. His latest tension with Attorney General Jeff Sessions has centered on Sessions’ recusal on the Russia investigation, which led to the eventual appointment of the special prosecutor Mueller. Now, these Trump allies in Congress are stepping up and creating a way for Sessions to help them get to the bottom of these matters. It remains unclear whether Speaker Paul Ryan will stand in the way of this investigation.

What we’ve learned from Trump is he puts politics aside. His agenda is clear: expose the Democrats.

Most Americans know that Trump has no connection to the Russians.

So, for the Left to keep the narrative in play vexes the president as it should. He’s smart enough to recognize that if he continues to play defense, he plays into their hands.

“For the past several years, Democrats have obstructed justice and blocked every Congressional investigation imaginable,” Jordan said in an email. “Now they want to investigate? Ok, let’s investigate! Both parties have criticized James Comey over the past year for his performance as FBI director. Even Sen. Feinstein says there should be an investigation into Loretta Lynch and James Comey’s handling of the Clinton investigation. Let’s have a special counsel for that and see how serious Congressional Democrats are about getting to the truth.”

“It’s time for Republicans in Congress to start playing offense,” Gaetz told Breitbart News in an emailed statement.

“My constituents ask the same questions that so many people want to know the answer to, and that is why have all these investigations stopped? There was a whole lot of fire there and they just seemed to end when the new administration came in and I think there’s two or three reasons,” Biggs said in a brief phone interview on Tuesday afternoon. “Number one, I think you want justice and that leads to number two—if you don’t have justice and you’re not following the rule of law then government and lawmakers and those who enforce the law are held in derision by the public. They lose faith and confidence in those they elect and so I think this is really important to get back to those basics and find out what happened and so that’s why I think it’s important.”

As we have written multiple times, the Democrats’ calculus on Trump has been off since he entered politics. Nothing has changed.


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