President Trump MOCKS MSNBC Chuck Todd Call for Decency

President Trump MOCKS MSNBC Chuck Todd Call for Decency

Chuck Todd dropped the ball.

While interviewing Bernie Sanders, he ignored the recent bank fraud investigation.

Apparently Todd doesn’t pay attention to the news as well as Trump does. Thus he must’ve been oblivious to the bank fraud story. Why else would he neglect to ask a single question about it? Trump was wondering the exact same thing. However, he knows the answer lies in the same media bias that has plagued his administration.

Sunday, Trump blasted the ‘fake news’ on Twitter, and he was sure to include MSNBC’s Chuck Todd.

Todd couldn’t resist the chance to comment.

He implies that all the Left wants is decency.

Isn’t it ironic that tweets of Trump fake-wrestling the fake-news are so offensive?

And what of Obama’s media torment?

Barack Obama was a media wrecking ball, as he had the media paralyzed in fear to talk. Remember when Obama declared his administration “scandal free?”

Recently on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” Journalist Glenn Greenwald alluded to the hypocrisy of Democrats when it comes to government leaks.

In the discussion, Greenwald pointed out that under former President Barack Obama, Democrats hated government leaks. However, the Left is famous for changing the rules to suit their game.

Greenwald notes that under Obama, Democrats unleashed a war on government leakers.

Where is the media on the fact that Obama has had more journalists arrested than all other presidents COMBINED?

As Fox News reports:

Obama’s DOJ collected Rosen’s telephone records as well as tracked his movements to and from the State Department from where he reported. Rosen was named as a possible co-conspirator in a Justice Department affidavit. Rosen claims that his parents phone line was also swept up in the collection of his records and DOJ records seem to confirm that. Despite the targeting of Rosen, there were no brave calls to boycott the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Obama spied on Rosen, used the IRS to target conservatives, and who really knows what else? Did the lamestream media get to the bottom of any of this? Absolutely not.

Even conservative America understands the investment of the Left in Obama. But Sanders?

Chuck Todd ignored Sander’s scandal. Would a real journalist at least broach the subject?

Burlington College faced cash-flow problems due to Jane Sanders who obtained $10 million in loans; loans the college couldn’t repay. Nonetheless, Sanders receives a $200,000 severance package?

As Chuck Todd lamented,



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