President Trump PUNKED French President MACRON Brilliantly

President Trump PUNKED French President MACRON Brilliantly

Donald Trump is a negotiation master.

He’s already proven his prowess, and he is barely six months into his presidency. Interestingly, Trump hasn’t even started being masterful.

Right now he’s toying with the world, tinkering with the power he now possesses. He sees no need to speed up the training, as his current powers are more than leftists have ever seen.

Trump has vanquished the establishment political machine and the media, without breaking a sweat. So when invited to meet France’s new President Emmanuel Macron on Bastille Day, Trump happily accepted. Game on.

The media craves a new Obama. Only they hope this one is better. So, this time they chose a white guy in hopes for a different outcome. Sadly for leftists, Macron will fail as miserably as Obama, and this time the world won’t have “he’s black” to fall back on.

The meeting was touted by the media as Macron asserting himself. And they wonder why we consider the media fake news? What does Macron have to assert? His powerful French economy? His powerful French army?

Macron had already tried to play Tommy Toughass, given President Trump a “white knuckle” handshake when the two first met. Trump played along. Why not? After all, the French are known for being pansies. It’s only a matter of time before Trump tells Macron, “You don’t want me screwing your wife, Junior.”

For the most part Macron’s 15 minutes of fame have ended.

His defeat of Marine Le Pen was as good as it gets for that socialist. So now that the election is over, Macron only has global climate farce on which to build his legacy. Going forward, the only way anybody cares about Macron is if President Trump is mentioned.

In that vane, it was reported that:

French President Emmanuel Macron, who welcomed Donald Trump to Paris two days ago to participate in Bastille Day celebrations, said the U.S. president may seek a solution over the next months for the fight against global warming.

“We’ve spoken in detail on what may allow him to return into the Paris accord,” Macron said in comments published Sunday in the newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche. “It’s important to maintain a dialogue” with the U.S. about its potential comeback in multilateral actions for climate, he said.

But I love this part of the story,

Trump softened his position at a press conference on Thursday with Macron, saying, “something could happen with respect to the Paris accord. We’ll see what happens. We’ll talk about that over the coming period of time. If it happens, that’ll be wonderful, and if it doesn’t, that’ll be OK too.”

Now “We’ll see what happens” is a defeat of Trump?

I remember Trump-speak during the election. Leftists tried to back Trump into a corner by parsing his words or declaring what Trump said.

There is no doubt in my mind that Trump just punked Macron. Trump sold Macron to the inmates for 3 cartons of cigarettes. Because you can bet France nor any other country will get Trump to pay for air.

Macron got nothing. In fact, he got less than nothing. Regardless, Trump will come calling. America’s Chief Negotiator took inventory of France and measure of Macron. Trump will return with a U-Haul and load up soon.


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