Trump Racism: Venus Williams Loses Wimbledon

Trump Racism: Venus Williams Loses Wimbledon

I watched as a Spaniard tennis player dispatched Venus Williams.

Incredible!” I thought. There is no way Venus Williams can lose this match, but she did.

And immediately I knew why. Venus lost because Trump is racist and he colluded with the Russians.

While the president attended the G20 Summit, he alluded to going to Wimbledon. That’s all it took. Putin made a phone call, and voila!

As one outlet described the in-your-face racism.

Garbine Muguruza already knew what it’s like to lose to a Williams in the Wimbledon final. Now she knows how it feels to beat one for a championship at the All England Club.

Muguruza powered her way to her first title at Wimbledon and second at a Grand Slam tournament Saturday, beating a fading Venus Williams 7-5, 6-0 by claiming the final’s last nine games.

So you see, Williams had already beaten the Spaniard. But Trump threatened to show up and all “white” hell broke loose.

Imagine how Venus Williams must have felt at the thought of Donald Trump showing up.

The president of the United States coming to see her? Seriously. For black folks that’s considered a threat. “If you see something, say something!”

Why would Trump threaten to go to Wimbledon in the first place? Doesn’t he have better things to do than harass a black woman attempting to set a record for the oldest female winner at Wimbledon? Venus should not have to put up with that when she needed to fully concentrate on the task at hand.

Apparently, Didn’t Trump get the memo in 2008 that tennis is no longer black? So, white presidents need not apply.

Too bad Obama wasn’t president, so Venus Williams could eke out that one last Wimbledon victory and set the record. You know the loss of Obama affected her play. When America has a black president, black people fare better. At least the rich ones do.

I’m sure black folks didn’t imagine the impact Trump would have on blacks, particularly athletes. And it goes almost without saying, if blacks failed at anything since Trump became president, it’s because the man is a RACIST!

Look at all the things from which blacks were excluded, because Trump is white.

LeBron James couldn’t win the NBA Finals? It’s because Trump is racist. And what of all James’ black teammates?

Tiger Woods arrested for DUI? Seriously, does anybody think this would have happened under Obama? NOT A CHANCE.

Did you see that mugshot of Tiger Woods? He looked like he was in a Trump-zombie trance!

And what of Colin Kaepernick? He spent the 4th of July in KENYA, then returned and still doesn’t have a team to call his own.

These things happened for one reason and one reason only: Trump is a racist!



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