Trump Removes Obama’s VICE GRIP from Crotch of Middle Class

Trump Removes Obama’s VICE GRIP from Crotch of Middle Class

If you think Trump grabbed women by the “naughty bits,” then you need to see the grip Obama had on the crotch of the middle class.

Obama catered to the rich and the poor, and the middle class reported the financial assault.

From 2009 through 2013, the U.S. government taxed the middle class a whopping $3.7 trillion on welfare programs. And they didn’t get a t-shirt.

While Barack Obama was in the White House, the number of Americans on food stamps grew by over 16 million. This kind of poverty rate hasn’t been seen in America since 1965.

Despite the disastrous impact Obama had on our welfare system, the idea of welfare reform panics the Left.

If the truth gets out that limiting welfare helps the middle class, the Left lose their fear-mongering.

Instead of focusing on getting people off welfare rolls, leftists brag about increasing those rolls.

Vox’s Tara Golshan quotes James Ziliak, University of Kentucky’s Center for Poverty Research director, writing that a “sizable population” would be left “destitute” if the GOP’s reform plan became a reality.

The GOP plan of welfare to work?

A plan that provides people a way up and out, versus the constant cycle of government dependency?

And what of the Democrats’ plan? The plan implemented by Obama that increased welfare by 16 million?

Because Obama certainly didn’t increase good paying jobs.

Think the Left blames Obama for putting 16 million more people in poverty? Not according to the Huffington Post.

They described the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) as aiding in the “eradicat[ion] of starvation in the U.S.” and claimed that the GOP uses it as an “ATM” to help fund defense spending and tax cuts.

Just so we are clear, the fattest country in the world is starving its people.

Another leftist rag, The Daily Kos characterized the Republican Party as “pretty damn vicious to the poor.” The leftist media outlet declared in its headline that the GOP wants to cut safety net programs to “shreds.”

Yes it does. With jobs.

The Left has been consistent on this issue, even with America’s first pseudo black president. Recall, back in 1996 when Bill Clinton signed into law the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act, a fancy name for welfare reform.

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously predicted that the bill would leave children scavenging in the streets, “sleeping on grates, picked up in the morning frozen.”

The exact opposite happened.

The Left ate crow as the reform cut welfare caseloads by over 50 percent. Next, employment of the least-skilled single mothers surged. Finally, the poverty rates of black children and single-parent families dropped rapidly to historic lows.

What the Left doesn’t discuss and actually hides from the American public is the simple fact that generous welfare programs actually increase poverty levels and promote non-productive behavior.

We see the evidence of this in the average duration of unemployment in the United States. Under Obama, the average duration of unemployment almost doubled, rising from 19.8 weeks to 32.8 weeks under the worst president we have ever had.

Welfare reform puts the control back in the hands of the individual. Thus, leftists hate welfare reform.

And then came Trump.

The new GOP plan is pure and simple. President Trump will create good jobs, not menial jobs. He won’t fudge the jobs numbers, as he knows how to bring jobs back to America.

Moreover, no more freeloaders. New rules will require welfare recipients to work or get work training. And as Fox News reports, this works.

Alabama began 2017 by requiring able-bodied adults without children in 13 counties to either find a job or participate in work training as a condition for continuing to receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.

According to, the number of those recipients declined from 5,538 to 831 between Jan. 1 and the beginning of May – an 85 percent drop.

Similar changes were implemented in select counties in Georgia and by the end of the first three months, the number of adults receiving benefits in three participating counties dropped 58 percent, according to the Georgia Public Policy Foundation.

Welfare programs should be judged by the number of people who get off, and not how much a program grows.


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