President Trump SLAMS EVERYONE in Morning Tweets

President Trump SLAMS EVERYONE in Morning Tweets

I wish I could get President Trump’s tweets before the rest of the world.

I’d be RICH!

Talk about being his own media outlet. The leftist media has nothing to report until the president tells them what to hate on. And I would beat them to the punch each and every tweet.

As for the effectiveness of Trump Media, today was no different. According to The Daily Caller, President Trump went on a Twitter rampage.

President Donald Trump spent his Saturday morning sending a flurry of tweets on everything from the Russia investigation and intelligence leaks, to the Senate’s difficulty in repealing and replacing Obamacare and a lack of investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Starting at 5:30 a.m. EST, President Trump tweeted about the Washington Post story claiming Attorney General Jeff Sessions discussed election-related issues with the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. The story cites leaks from “current and former U.S. officials.”

If President Trump learned anything from candidate-Trump, it’s that the Left tell lie after lie, and then lie again.

He also knows how selective the media can be when reporting news. Leftist media takes pleasure in undermining the Trump agenda. Thus, Trump pointed this out in a tweet that targeted the New York Times.


And in more fake news, the media floated the trial balloon of Trump pardoning himself and his staff as it pertains to Russia.

The White House denied the reports. Further, Trump is on record as presented in congressional hearings by Comey as if there are any ties to Russia in his satellites, then the Justice Department needs to investigate those allegations fully.

Trump’s position doesn’t get any clearer. Nevertheless, leftists erroneously believe they can sway public opinion to actually care about the Russia farce. The tactic is simple: keep the discussion on Russia no matter what. If no evidence exists, suggest new fake news “evidence.”

This tactic won’t work. And leftists will soon scramble for another six degrees of separation link of Trump to Russia that too will backfire.

On his next tweet, President Trump went gangsta and quintessential Trump.

He got the conversation where it needed to go…back to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

Mueller can’t possibly launch a serious investigation into Russia without involving high-level Obamans and other Democrats. And this is the only place Mueller can end up, if he expects to salvage any modicum of credibility.

I’d love to see the Democrats’ “end game.” Frankly, I don’t think it exists.

The Democrats secretly hope they can keep the focus of Russia on Trump and off them with the current gamesmanship. But the anvil will undoubtedly fall on their heads. More than anything, their strategy proves their desperation. Also, their strategy proves they are locked into pre-Trumpian politics. 

That’s dangerous for them.


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