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Trump Supporters CRASH Leftist Impeachment Party [VIDEO]

Trump Supporters CRASH Leftist Impeachment Party

Trump supporters decided to use the tactics of the Left, when they stormed a San Diego Democrat gathering.

Their “USA” chants over-powered “Impeach Trump” speakers.

Estimators guess there were between 700-1000 Trump protesters at the rally. However, there were approximately 100 counter-protesters, including the Proud Boys.

The Proud Boys was founded in 2016 by commentator Gavin McInnes. Their motto is “I refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.”

The group showed up at an impeach Trump party organized by leftist Muslims. While there, the Proud Boys voiced their opinions loud and proud.

While the Proud Boys were expecting to face a much larger crowd, it was apparent the ,eftists weren’t expecting the large show of force.

Like most Americans, the Proud Boys recognize the dangers associated with the influx of refugees from the countries listed in Trump’s travel ban. Representatives of the group say the massive amounts of terror attacks in Western Europe should give all of us a reason to reconsider “open border” policies.

“One world” sounds sweet, until you see the people who’d like to see infidel heads rolling in the streets of America.

And what of those who aren’t killed? As the saying goes, “There are things worse than death.” In the name of Islam, women are raped and murdered, yet the Left is predictably silent.

However, the Proud Boys were anything but silent. Their chants were so powerful, cries to impeach Trump were practically inaudible.

More Media Bias

Like every other event in recent months, this one is surrounded by the same media bias that paints everything in a leftist light.

As Adam Reis of Proud Boy Magazine wrote:

We experienced the usual media manipulation. Thus, local news was on hand to collect video bites to cut, piece, and edit. Well-reasoned statements from myself and another Proudboy were cut in favor of images of hostile agitation. Sadly, it came from both sides of the spectrum. Got a brief shout out about the PB’s where they stated that our platform was “anti-racial guilt” and the rest, “too extreme” to even mention. Classic sensationalism.

Another news report spent ample time interviewing Impeachers making proclamations of the same absurd claims — Russian interference, hateful rhetoric causing violence (pot/kettle), and so on. Nevermind that the Russian narrative has been blown to bits by the latest revelations by Project Veritas. These facts are ignored by the feelings of the left, they don’t LIKE Trump, so there MUST be something there, apparently. Even Van Jones’ statement that the Russian narrative is a “big fat Nothing-burger” isn’t enough to prevent these Boomers from writing up signs about how Trump is controlled by Russia. Sad!

You can bet that if Antifa had protested against President Trump, regardless of their numbers, the media would have reported on the story.

Thankfully, America is witnessing a significant change. The Right has finally implemented the radical rules of the Left. Though these tactics no longer work on us, the tactics do work against the Left.

Leftists haven’t fought in decades. They have watched Republicans roll over like lap dogs. But those days are over.

And when these tactics are used against the Left, they seriously don’t know what to do.



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