Students GET EVEN with Anti-Trump Math Teachers [VIDEO]

Students GET EVEN with Anti-Trump Math Teachers [VIDEO]

Maybe students aren’t as brainwashed as I believe.

Check out how these students decided to troll their anti-Trump math teachers.

The teacher videotapes what the students did to showcase their disgust. I repeat, disgust.

Their math teacher has been so obvious in her hatred of Trump, the students decide to get even. How does math involve Trump? Unless you are discussing the over one million jobs created by President Trump in his first six months in office versus the 3.9 million jobs Obama lost, I don’t see the need for a political discussion in math class.

As the teacher strolls “Trump Lane” established by her students, she points out all the things they did to remind her that they don’t share her view. But you know she wasn’t shocked, as she points out what others say about her kids.

“I told y’all I was not exaggerating, umm when those…I told y’all…and everybody wants to tell me these kids aren’t racist, they’re just rowdy. They better be glad I’m at work.”

What exactly did the kids do that showed racism? Nothing.

Disagreement with the politics of their math teacher is the reason they are racist. The fact is, this teacher is racist.

Next, the teacher moves the tour to another math teacher’s room whom the kids trolled. The racist teacher points out that the teacher trolled is a Mexican-American. In her classroom, the kids built a wall! You have to love the ingenuity of this one.

These teachers believe the lesson here is what the kids did. The lesson here is what they the teachers are doing. Even in math class, teachers are expected to indoctrinate children. When it’s not successful, the teachers are noticeably upset. After all, doesn’t everybody hate Trump? That’s what the Democrat-controlled teachers’ union tells its members.

Teachers are shocked to learn that some children don’t believe the hype. I don’t know where this school is, but I’d love to congratulate these kids. Not only did they get back at their teachers, they did so in a clever way.

The real lesson going forward for these teachers is teach your subject honestly. Further, keep your politics to yourself. Finally, in a government school respect the president. If you want to have an opinion about politics, teach at a private school where they accept your politics.

If anybody knows any of the students involved in this, please have them contact us. We’d like to honor them. The time they took to execute this mission is amazing. Further, you must appreciate the cleverness of their actions.


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