Watch CNN Anchors’ Heads Explode as Trump Tweets [VIDEO]

Watch CNN Anchors’ Heads Explode as Trump Tweets [VIDEO]

A filmmaker friend of mine, Joel Gilbert created this video, and it’s really clever.

I had no idea of the number of CNN anchors who have gone after President Trump, and he’s been president only a few months.

I doubt one could assemble this many clips of CNN criticizing Obama.

Hardly a CNN show isn’t covered in the video.

But what’s really astounding is how bad the network looks when you see all these clips in one video short.

Here’s a quote from the video’s creator:

Donald Trump has both infuriated and dominated the mainstream media with his frequent Tweets. His ongoing feud with CNN, the “Fake News Network,” has dominated the news recently.  I produced this CNN parody video that tells it all, and I like it!

I’m not sure how Jeff Zucker could allow this. And yes, he does see it.

When you go to CNN or any major news network, almost everybody involved with production has this setup. First, they have their network playing all over the place. However, next to many monitors are the competition. Undoubtedly, anybody involved from production to upper level management has the competition playing.

They want to know what their competitors are doing.

When I first met Roger Ailes, I was invited into his office to have a seat. I immediately noticed to my right, on his left were a bank of screens. And on the screens were all the FOX News channels playing at the time. FOX News, FOX Business, etc. And right there next to them were CNN, MSNBC, and others.

In our conversation, Ailes said to me that he loved my work. I was flattered, but had wondered how he would even know my work. But after seeing that TV bank, I knew he indeed watched everything happening at FOX News.

In further confirmation, I can attest that before I became a FOX News contributor, I would do a “hit” (an appearance) on CNN. Less than 5 minutes later I would have an invitation from various FOX News producers who wanted to book me on the show. In other words, they were scoping out the competition, and picking off “good guests.”

The networks closely monitor one another. The question is, “When will CNN stop its destructive all things anti-Trump path?”

MSNBC has benefited from CNN’s loss of audience. However, it will be short-lived as well. MSNBC is just as fake news as CNN. The only difference between the two is President Trump hasn’t called out MSNBC…yet.

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