Watch NYC Mayor de Blasio Run like a RAT When Questioned

Watch NYC Mayor de Blasio Run like a RAT When Questioned

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio may have beat the rap on this pay-for-play scheme, but not everybody believes him.

Watch as this rat runs from one of his constituents when asked a simple question.

There’s a good reason this crook scurried off like a rat.

As we wrote of the corruption of these big city Demonrats and de Blasio in particular:

When NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said the current corruption scandal embroiling the NYPD went to the highest levels of the department, he wasn’t kidding.

The former Chief of Department and highest  ranking uniformed member of the NYPD, Philip Banks III  resigned in 2014 after Bratton tried to promote him to First Deputy Commissioner. You read that right, as Banks resigned due to a promotion.

If you equated the NYPD’s rank and file to the federal government, the Chief of Department would be a 4-star general and his boss, the First Deputy Commissioner, would be like an Undersecretary of Defense.

For Banks, the promotion would have resulted in a pay cut, as you will see. Bratton was aware of how Banks was buttering his bread, and Banks himself complained the promotion would “diminish his power” in managing the department.

As the NY Post reveals:

“Now, The Post can reveal that Banks was the target of an ongoing federal corruption probe when he walked away from his job as one of the most powerful men on the force.

Investigators found ‘hundreds of thousands’ of dollars in his bank accounts that raised red flags, sources said on Wednesday.”

According to sources of the NY Post, Banks went to the Dominican Republic on golf outings aboard a private jet owned by Hamlet Peralta. Peralta was recently arrested and charged with running a $12 million Ponzi scheme, that even ripped off fellow officers.

And you wonder how much disdain de Blasio has for the police?

He let his cronies rob the NYPD blind.

Then, there was de Blasio’s ethics scandal around fundraising. And we documented his reversal on who should foot the bill:

De Blasio was embroiled in an ethics scandal. He was investigated, and found “not guilty,” which is not innocent, to be clear.

After it was all said and done, de Blasio sticks the taxpayers of NYC with his legal fees. Keep in mind that he promised prior that no way, no how, would he ask the taxpayers to pay his legal fees.

A criminal investigation on ethics isn’t “government service.” Ergo, taxpayers shouldn’t foot the bill.

De Blasio was under investigation from 2016 through March by the Manhattan U.S. Attorney, the Manhattan District Attorney and the state Joint Commission on Public Ethics. The investigation focused on his fund-raising activities.

The investigation closed without criminal charges, but, as reported by the NY Daily News de Blasio isn’t squeaky clean:

Acting U.S. Attorney Joon Kim . . . made clear that he did find evidence that de Blasio and his aides ‘solicited donations from individuals who sought official favors from the City.’ In turn, Kim noted, ‘the mayor made or directed inquiries to relevant City agencies on behalf of those donors.’

De Blasio raised $4.3 million for a nonprofit Campaign For One New York that promoted his causes. The News found at least $3 million came from entities seeking favors from City Hall.

And Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. found that de Blasio’s 2014 efforts to raise huge donations in a failed effort to switch the state Senate to Democratic control were ‘contrary to the intent and spirit’ of laws restricting donation amounts.

Basically, these law enforcement entities did a “Comey.”

They gave all the reasons de Blasio should have been jailed, then did nothing.

Anybody surprised at de Blasio’s reversal? He committed to paying his own way.  De Blasio told WCBS radio’s Rich Lamb,

I think because I’m the leader of the operation, it is better not to ask the taxpayers to cover expenses even if they’re valid expenses, right? I mean, this is an investigation involved to some extent things I was doing as part of my official work. Obviously, we were exonerated but I just don’t feel comfortable asking the taxpayers to pay for that piece of the equation.

De Blasio is a rat of the highest order. Thus, a swamp rat.

He and almost all other big city mayors should be thoroughly investigated by a real Department of Justice. Most would rot in jail if we knew one-tenth of their shenanigans.

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