Why The Congressional Black Circus Rightfully FEARS President Trump

Why The Congressional Black Circus Rightfully FEARS President Trump

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus fear President Trump.

They rightfully fear his success. And because of this irrational fear, the CBC must make Trump fail or else.

Sadly for them, Trump doesn’t fail.

In fact, the man is the definition of the overachiever. Don’t believe me; just look as his new title of president.

None of the silly Negroes of the CBC thought Donald Trump would become president. Conspiracies in place, the CBC and other leftists felt the deck was stacked so thoroughly against Trump, he had two chances to win: slim and none.

Slim showed up and kicked ass.

Honestly, the win surprised Trump.

I recall during the primaries when Trump finally realized that he was going to win the Republican nomination. Little did he know, he was the candidate the Left most wanted.

Trump was brutally and endlessly mocked.

During a town hall meeting this past summer, Obama ridiculed Donald Trump for saying he would try to save American jobs from being outsourced to other parts of the world.

Here’s what Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post wrote of Trump in June 2015:

mark-cuban-and-others-laughingThere’s a tendency when someone like Donald Trump announces that he is running for president to view — and analyze — him through the same lens that we do for the other men and women actively seeking the presidency.  What’s his policy vision? Who’s in his political inner circle? What would a Trump presidency look like?

Asking any of these questions gives Trump a benefit of the doubt that he simply doesn’t deserve: That a path exists for him to be president.

It doesn’t. Not even close.

Little did the Left know that Trump would be the hair of the dog that bit them.

A Clinton win meant that members of the CBC, the so-called black leadership could carve up the slave world. Plantations have been established for decades, and under Hillary Clinton, all of them would get a makeover.

Every black member of the CBC stood to gain financially with the Clintons. Political accounts would be flush with ill-gotten booty from the permanent underclass.

Trump, they supposed, would end up in the dung heap of history. The billionaire who lost. The man taken down by the woman who would be king.

Consider the embarrassment of election night. When the man the Left deemed “dumb” destroyed the dreams of crooked Hillary Clinton, and the legacy of Barack Obama. Black leadership fumed, as Trump disrupted the order of things.

One excuse given in the post-mortem was the lack of the black vote. That’s right, the CBC could deliver the black vote to a CLINTON!

We were told that Hillary Clinton was the most respected woman in the world. Leftist pundits claimed that Hillary Clinton was the most popular woman of her day. Yet, black leftists simply didn’t show up. But it wasn’t from a lack of trying.

Barack and Michelle Obama cashed in multiple chits. To Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder and the like. Concerts’ venues filled with black faces, and emptied as soon as the acts left.

Black Lives Matter did their part to stir up mess. They even shot a few cops and attempted to set the narrative of “black versus the police.” #FAIL Since the election of Trump, Black Lives Matter has had multiple opportunities to burn down black neighborhoods, and yet we’ve heard hardly a peep.

In the end, no matter how hard Hillary Clinton tried, she couldn’t stir the emotions of the plantation Negroes.

This means the Congressional Black Circus can’t motivate their Negroes.

Chants of, “No justice, no peace” falls on deaf ears.

It’s funny how success can shut down the establishment. Congressional Black Circus clowns have every right to be scared of Trump.



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