Black Democrat Congressman Employs Money-Laundering Crook

Black Democrat Congressman Employs Money-Laundering Crook

The Congressional Black Caucus should all be rotting in prison.

Drive through any of their districts and you will see the dirtiest parts of any city. But it gets worse.

Not only do CBC circus clowns reside over filth, they provide their constituents with the worse schools, as well as crime-infested neighborhoods. Blacks who live in CBC-controlled war zones have the worst transportation, food sources, entertainment, parks, and so on. Yet these fools get re-elected year after year, promising to help blacks.

Here’s what I wrote of these professional race hustlers:

When I first began investigating the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), I was focused on the congressional districts they represent, and how those neighborhoods are usually the worst in the country.  Crime infested, drug infested neighborhoods, with most of the occupants unemployed, on welfare, and by and large wards of the government.

Liberal policies are killing most of America’s cities, and millions of American dreams. They are at fault for trying to socially engineer whole ethnic communities, though certainly not for good the constituents.

As surely as Margaret Sanger strategized the demise of blacks, the puppet masters of the eugenicist movement indeed found their black pied pipers in the form of the CBC. And those faux black leaders are leading black people over the cliff.

All the puppet masters needed was the system to gerrymander the districts, insuring long, uncontested tenures to the CBC, thus keeping these black criminals in power.

Nothing has changed. The CBC help only themselves, and a handful of people associated with them. Such is the case with Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings.

According to The Daily Caller, Hastings hired money launderers and paid his family and friends:

Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings used his taxpayer-funded office to pay high salaries to a convicted money launderer, as well as Hastings’s girlfriend and her daughter, and the Florida politician won’t say what kind of work the convicted money launder does.

The news on Hastings, uncovered by the Washington Free Beacon, follows the May criminal conviction of another Florida Democrat, Rep. Corrine Brown, on 18 felonies related to self-enrichment scams by her and her chief of staff (COS) that included placing the name of a relative on the congressional payroll for no-show work as a way to funnel $735,000 to the COS.

Ever heard of “ghost employees”?

The Daily Caller article continues,

The salary findings raise questions about how common it is for members of Congress to place “ghost employees” on the payroll as a scandal engulfs yet another Florida Democrat, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The Washington Free Beacon highlighted the payments by Hastings Wednesday, noting that he has paid $75,000 for “part-time” Florida-based work to Dona Nichols-Jones, the wife of another aide, Mikel Jones.

The couple was convicted of money laundering and fraud in 2011 after an unrelated incident involving using hundreds of thousands of dollars of a business loan for personal use, the Free Beacon reported. That scheme involved creating fake invoices to route money to a shell company and ultimately themselves. Dona paid $400,000 in restitution; Hastings fired Mikel in 2011 then put his wife on his payroll in 2014.

Hastings’ office would not tell the Free Beacon what services Dona provided or how many hours she works, it said.

One would think that Hastings would pump the breaks. It’s bad enough he’s involved with criminals, then shifts his business to the criminal’s wife. But Hastings took things a step further by hiring his girlfriend.

In case you’re wondering what the cost of a piece of ass is in DC, we have the number.

Hastings also used taxpayer money to pay his girlfriend, Patricia Williams, more than $168,000, a larger sum than his chief of staff. Hastings also uses taxpayer funds to pay his girlfriend’s daughter, Maisha Williams.

Anybody keeping score?

Embezzler and embezzler’s wife. Girlfriend and daughter of girlfriend. But I’m sure the media has no need to follow this story of corruption as long as Russia remains a country.

Hastings, and every member of the Congressional Black Caucus are crooked to their rotten black cores, pun intentional. These people have misrepresented blacks. They feed their egos and bank accounts by pretending to help blacks. In fact, they destroy the black community on a daily basis.

They tell blacks that we must coalesce in order to get what we want. I don’t know about Leftist blacks, but I want what the rest of America wants; freedom to do me.



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