ANTIFA INTENTIONALLY Missed this Pro-Trump Rally [VIDEO]

ANTIFA INTENTIONALLY Missed this Pro-Trump Rally [VIDEO]

The media conveniently didn’t cover this pro-Trump rally in Texas.

When the president visited Corpus Christi to survey the damage, the people showed up en masse.

Interestingly, for a president with such low approval ratings, President Trump managed to draw thousands. Keep in mind this was an impromptu event where there was no organizer. See for yourself.

Donning his “USA” hat, the president arrived in Corpus Christi to a chorus of thousands chanting, “USA!”. Yet the media want you to believe the polls that claim him approval rating is at all time lows. Somebody better tell the voters.

The Washington Post ran a piece that implied that President Trump’s handling of Hurricane Harvey could cost him votes in Texas. Again, delusions of a fake news so-called media outlet.

Hurricane Harvey has slammed into Texas, bringing power outages, destruction and extensive flooding that is expected to get worse. While personal harm and property damage resulting from Harvey are rightly the overriding concern, there is already speculation about how Donald Trump will handle the first major natural disaster of his presidency and whether it could significantly affect his reelection fortunes.

Based on our new research examining the impact of natural disasters on American presidential elections, we believe that Harvey’s effect will largely depend on the preexisting partisanship of the counties hit.

You can bet that the president’s handling of the aftermath of Harvey will only enhance his appeal in Texas.

But that’s not what WaPo suggests:

Answering this last question entails many caveats, of course. Most obvious is that the next presidential election is still more than three years away — and we don’t know whether any effect of Hurricane Harvey on Trump will last. Moreover, our research examines the effect of natural disasters only in the counties that are directly affected. Poor relief operations could end up damaging Trump’s image elsewhere, as happened to George W. Bush after Hurricane Katrina.

Still, our research helps to estimate any effect on Trump in the 2020 election. The actual size of that effect depends on a number of factors, including the ultimate track of the storm, the extent of damage it ultimately causes, and the Trump administration’s relief efforts.

But examining the 16 coastal Texas counties between Corpus Christi and Houston indicates potential harm to Trump’s political support. Using a range of plausible assumptions about total storm damage, our models show that Trump would lose between 9,900 and 32,600 votes in these 16 counties combined. While most counties in Texas are Republican strongholds, the bulk of those lost votes come from Harris County, which includes Houston itself. Harris County went for Clinton by a comfortable margin in 2016.

The WaPo article runs on the muscle-memory of old school politics. If we learned anything in the last election cycle, it’s that old school politics have played out.

Why no Antifa?

The trip by President Trump was kept a bit secret. Nevertheless, thousands of Texans found their way there. However, Antifa was noticeably missing.

It’s interesting to note where Antifa tends to strike. They hit places like Berkeley California. These location have (1) an overwhelming group of Leftists, and (2) gun laws that support thugs.

So you have your answer as to why Antifa avoided the impromptu rally in Texas. And this notion was proven from a hoax that occurred earlier this year.

Back in June, a group of motivated Texans were hoaxed into protecting the Sam Houston monument.

Hoax or not, the Texans made it clear to Antifa that they were prepared to fight for Texas sovereignty.

As Breitbart reported,

Hundreds of Texans, many of them armed, gathered in Houston’s Herman Park to protect a statue of former Texas President Sam Houston. Supporters of the statue responded to what they believed to be a threat from Antifa to remove it from the park like other historic monuments removed in recent months.

The rally, dubbed #StandWithSam drew hundreds of supporters to the park located near the Texas Medical Center and Rice University to gather around a statue of Sam Houston. Houston led the Texas revolutionary army against Mexico and served as president of the Republic of Texas, governor of the states of Texas and Tennessee, a member of Congress from both states, and a U.S. Senator from Texas. He served as governor of Texas when the State adopted resolutions of secession. The legislature removed him from office when he refused to accept the resolution.

An invitation to the rally posted on Facebook by “This is Texas,” stated, “Antifa has come out saying they will be bringing several large (communist) groups together to host a rally around the Museum District in Houston, Texas on June 10, 2017. This list includes Black Panther Party, Antifa & more. Their goal is to remove the Sam Houston statue.”

Don’t mess with Texas!


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