Socialist Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Give A Crap About High Drug Prices

Bernie Sanders Cast Only NO VOTE to Reduce Drug Prices

FACT: Bernie Sanders has the same level of credibility of Brian Williams.

Sadly for the Left, they need this old fool. So they trot Bernie Sanders out like a prostitute at a Nevada brothel.

Just so we are clear, Bernie Sanders sold out to the Clintons. He took the money and ran. He might think he fooled the “Bernie or Bust” crowd, but they know who he is: a sellout.

While President Trump performs magic on the economy, Democrats fight him. Knowing that Trump’s policies not only make sense, but work in real life, and the Democrats create fake narratives. These morons have the pipe dream of impeaching a man who has created more jobs in six months than Obama did in six years! Trump has the economy booming, with GDP levels unknown to Obama.

In fact, Trump has been so effective, for the first time in decades the Democrats question their own direction. That said, when I was getting coffee, I saw a New York Times headline that read something like, Stock Market Records and Economy Booming: But is it really because of Trump?

Hell yes! And there is more to come.

I have written that Democrats can’t sleep knowing that Trump is actually effective. The man they cast as a moron is a rock star. And that’s with them fighting him.

So now we begin to see the problems of the Democrats.

First they come cloaked, as Schumer and Pelosi admit that Hillary Clinton wasn’t the best candidate. Then, we get Democrats actually admitting they are “toxic”. Next, we get Democrat defections. Finally, coming soon you will see all the special-interest groups begin to praise Trump.

Thus, Bernie Sanders may find himself a man alone on an island. As The Daily Caller reports:

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont cast the only vote against a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) user fee reauthorization bill that passed the Senate Thursday in an overwhelming majority of 94 to one.

Sanders voted against the bill, which facilitates the collection of fees from drug and medical device companies, because it “does nothing to lower drug prices and is a giveaway to the pharmaceutical industry,” Sanders spokesman Josh Miller-Lewis told Axios.

94 to 1. Sanders wants to kill old people!

This bill represents a common-sense approach to healthcare, and showcases why Obamacare is a boat anchor. And so is Bernie Sanders.

The bill includes a provision to lower drug prices by requiring that the FDA accelerate the approval process for generic drugs that would disrupt treatment areas where there is currently little to no competition. The bill will go directly to President Donald Trump to be signed into law since the Senate approved the House version.

The bipartisan legislation, introduced by GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, represents a rare instance of legislative unity on health care. The bill passed after a “right to try” provision, which gives terminally ill patients access to experimental treatments, was added to appease Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

The fees collected under the FDA’ s renewed authority will total more than $8 billion over the next five years, and will account for one quarter of the FDA’s budget.

So we are clear, in one legislative swoop Americans save money and the FDA get 25 percent of its funding.

That’s what happens when a qualified president takes the helm.

As for Sanders, I give him credit for blasting Obama’s FDA choice a while back. Sanders wrote in a statement:

“We need a new leader at the FDA who is prepared to stand up to the pharmaceutical companies and work to substantially lower drug prices. Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that Dr. [Robert] Califf is not that person.”

Again, Sanders pretending to be the Pied Piper for the poor.

He continued:

“Instead of listening to the demands of the pharmaceutical industry and their 1,400 lobbyists, it is about time that the FDA and Congress started listening to the overwhelming majority of the American people who believe that medicine is too expensive.”

So why stop the ability for more competition in healthcare by voting against faster approvals of generic drugs?

Isn’t that what Sanders claimed he was fighting for? The little people.

Did I mention that Bernie Sanders is a sellout? Sanders has learned the game. He got everything he wanted in this legislation, but decided to take a moral stance against it?

I couldn’t find any comment by Sanders for his decision to vote no on this. But you can bet he has a good excuse. And his excuse will be that somebody is getting rich while the people “suffa”.

Well, I know who’s getting rich, and the person looks a lot like Bernie Sanders, and many other politicians.

TBS wrote of Sanders:

Being a lying hypocrite is a resume-builder for a Democratic Socialist, so no harm no foul.

Sanders continues to sell the idea that he’s for the poor and downtrodden. He’s doing that in much more luxurious fashion than in yesteryear, as Sanders is now firmly a “one-percenter.”

In more of the same, Sanders pretends to attack his own Party.

He recently explained why Trump supporters continue to stick with the president. In Sanders’ opinion, Trumpsters hang in with the president because the Democratic Party has ignored the working class.

While on MSNBC’s “Morning Joke,” Sanders was asked why Trump’s base is so loyal. He responded:

“For the last many, many years, the Democratic Party has been spending too much money, too much time raising money from its wealthy friends, turning its back on rural America, turning its back on the working class.”

Hmmm, this resembles exactly what Sanders did.

Except Sanders got lots of money from lots of not-so-wealthy friends.

Until Sanders gives up his newfound wealth, he lacks credibility. And this vote didn’t help.



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