Black Racist Nadal Apologizes for Wanting Trump Dead [VIDEO]

Maria Nadal lived on muscle-memory of the Obama era.

She thought threatening to kill President Trump would be a resume-builder. Didn’t this bitch learn from Kathy Griffin?

If killing the president didn’t work for a white woman, what made race pimp Nadal think it would work for a black one? Feminists!

Now that Nadal finds herself curiously in the same position as, what was that white woman’s name…oh yeah, F-lister Kathy Griffin, Nadal has decided to apologize for real.

FOX News reported:

Amid calls for her resignation, a Democratic state senator in Missouri on Sunday said she made a mistake for posting on Facebook Thursday that she hopes President Donald Trump is assassinated.

State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal — who has said she isn’t resigning over the post — apologized at a press conference streamed live on the Facebook page of the Clayton Times, a St. Louis County newspaper.

“President Trump, I apologize to you and your family,” Chappelle-Nadal said at the Wellspring Church in Ferguson, Missouri. “I also apologize to all the people in Missouri. And I also apologize to my colleagues in the Missouri legislature for the mistake that I made.”

And look at all the white folks Nadal got to stand behind her. In a show of solidarity.

This press conference proves that racist black Leftists know how to “dog and pony” like their white racist Leftist counterparts.

Nadal’s political life was on the line. She was FORCED by her white handlers to apologize or she would be kicked off the plantation. And like a good Democrat slave, Nadal finally gave her fake apology.

She still wants Trump dead. Her hatred of Donald Trump, the Republican, is programmed. And the programming was done by Democrats determined to destroy the black community.

Nadal has no reason to want Trump dead. She might disagree on policy, but why wish the man’s demise. Allow me to answer: because white Democrats have made black Democrats their attack dogs. This time however, the dog bit too hard.

Even Democrats now recognize that they have made their dogs too vicious. St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports:

Missouri state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, D-University City, posted a comment in a Facebook conversation Thursday morning saying she hoped President Donald Trump will be assassinated.

The comment was removed but Chappelle-Nadal confirmed to the Post-Dispatch that she had written it in response to another commenter before deleting it.

Then on Thursday Chappelle-Nadal tweeted out a Holocaust threat to Jewish Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

On Friday Missouri Lt. Governor Mike Parsons told Senator Chappelle-Nadal to step down or be removed from office.

That’s right, the highest ranking Democrat in Missouri asked for Nadal to step down.

Then racist Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill even got her licks in, asking for Nadal to resign. 

What we witness in the ranks of the Democrats is incredible. White Democrats are euthanizing their attack dogs…publicly.

And if you’re wondering if the plantation slaves known as the Congressional Black Caucus (Circus) will come to the aid of Nadal, stop wondering. These black puppets know their place. They will not protect Nadal, nor will they bite the white hands that feed them.

The only acceptable outcome for Conservatives is for Nadal to leave politics. Nobody should be able to call for the assassination of a president and hold public office. Moreover, America has sickened of these intolerant racists, determined only to destroy those who don’t succumb to group-think.

Nadal has watched St. Louis devolve into an armpit of a city. And St. Louis is just a small example of what occurs daily across America, as city after city falls into urban decay at the hands of wretched Democrats.

The more President Trump tries to solve problems in the inner cities, the more idiots like Nadal will fight him. She fights to protect her turf, and at the urging of white Democrats who want to maintain their power.

Nadal represents her people well. She’s another Stephanie Rawlings-Blake; a Maxine Waters wannabe. Nadal is a black woman promoted because she’s a black woman. Nadal is no more qualified to be a leader in the black community than the next clerk you meet at a 7-Eleven. But she’s good at creating a ruckus. Only this time, the ruckus backfired. Nadal took things a bit too far.

The good news for Conservatives is Democrats are on the ropes. When they have to put down their animals, you know things are changing. And the silence by the alt-Left blacks is deafening. But get used to it. Trump has a way of shutting down the Left in ways they never see coming.


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