DEMOCRATS BEWARE: Black Backlash Coming [VIDEO]

DEMOCRATS BEWARE: Black Backlash Coming [VIDEO]

I LOVE this black Trump supporter!

This interview is as real and as raw as it gets. It looks like this video is from New York City. I say that since I recognize the Tiffany store behind him.

What’s funny is the man actually wears his Trump hat while walking in the Leftist Utopia and tolerant New York City. And to leave no doubt that he’s not a homeless man who accidentally happened upon the hat, note the man’s shirt. This black man showcases black Conservatism as it finest, as he is …FEARLESS!

While he was giving his interview, he gets heckled. It appears some Leftist threw something at him. Check out the man’s reaction:


So for you black, and you talking ’bout oh, the president…black people shouldn’t care if it’s Donald Trump or Donald Duck.

{somebody throws something at him}

Hey Bruh, you do that again, you gone git your ass kicked. In front of your girlfriend.

Don’t go by that sh*t you see on TV. I will f&ck you up.

People ask me all the time, “What can we do to change things?”

The answer is to fearlessly defend your position. What are you willing to fight for? What are you willing to die for?

I want all Trump supporters to learn from this man. Begin by understanding that he’s not some bourgeois black man from Wall Street. The man is as real as it gets, and the definition of Main Street. That fact should scare the Left immensely.

This man represents many in black America. They have sickened of the lies of the Left, which is why they supported Trump during the election. Even more support President Trump now.

I want you to imagine how many more of this man really exists. The media tells you that blacks like this man don’t exist at all. They try to convince America that everybody hates Trump, particularly blacks. Nothing could be further from the truth.

By publicly announcing his support for Trump, how many people did this man empower? How many white Leftists who wrongly believe blacks monolithically support Democrats had their minds blown by him? How many blacks noted his bravery, given the Left’s propensity to violence?


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