CNN EXPLODES: Are You Black Enough?

CNN EXPLODES: Are You Black Enough?

Charlottesville, Trump, and the Fallout- Once again leftists call POTUS a racist.

Now, a screaming match between Paris Dennard and Keith Boykin errupted on live TV. 

Over the weekend, protesters showed up to denounce the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue. White radicals, neo-nazis, antifa members and other organized leftists showed up looking for trouble. Both sides were armed with pepper spray. People were carrying clubs and shields. No one on either side planned a peaceful demonstration. Violence was the absolute goal from the beginning.

Even Charlottesville Police seemed resigned to a violent protest. They did nothing to intervene in the early stages of the protest. When tear gas started flying, police evacuated. Then, as we’ve sadly learned, a driver rammed his car into protesters, killing 20 year old Heather Heyer.

Trump’s Response

Trump’s immediate response called “in the strongest possible terms” the acts of violence egregious acts of bigotry and hate. He pointed out that racism has no place in America. Further, Trump acknowledged the poor behavior is happening on all sides.

Clearly Trump denounced racism and has continued to do so in further comments. Trump promises the DOJ will investigate and those responsible for violence will face the consequences.

However, liberals are in a fury, twisting Trump’s words into bigotry on his own behalf.

The CNN Explosion

Keith Boykin, the author of “Black in the 80s” and liberal strategist, met with Paris Dennard, GOP commentator, on the CNN panel.

Boykin, ignoring Trump’s immediate response to Charlottesville, said Trump didn’t take the time to speak with moral clarity. Meanwhile, Dennard, put Boykin in his place.

As Josh Feldman reports:

“He has a history of racism and he has failed to repudiate this,” Boykin [said]. “I’m offended that you continue to go there, Paris, but the reality is that President Trump has not done enough. And I’m ashamed that you as an African-American, Paris, will not say that.”

That set off Dennard, who went off on Boykin and told him about the racism he experiences for being a black Republican Trump supporter, saying, “Don’t come to me and tell me about what it means to be a black person in this country!”

At one point, Dennard said, “I am well aware of my blackness and don’t need you to try to classify me as being one.” Boykin responded, “Are you?”

Things got so heated that for the second time today, a CNN panelist told someone else to “shut up.”

Boykin said Dennard was being “very sensitive and defensive,” and Dennard shot back, “I will not come on this show and be disrespected.”

They argued over whether Trump was “forced” to be more condemnatory and Dennard told Brooke Baldwin, “He better watch how he talks about me too!”

Boykin then cried, “Paris, shut up, please! For God’s sake!”

Dennard angrily responded, “Don’t tell me to shut up on this show! This is preposterous!”

Twisted Truths

As usual, the leftist media will do anything to make Trump look like the devil. Liberals are quick to follow suit. Maxine Waters tweeted that violence is not on many sides, only on Trump’s side. I guess she hasn’t read many statistics about black violence. But then again, I’m guessing that would be above her reading level.

Further, Maxine went on to say the White House belongs to White Supremacists. Both Rob Reiner and Bernie Sanders blamed Trump for such the violence in Virginia. Ironically, when a Bernie Sanders supporter shot Steve Scalise at the congressional baseball practice, that was completely random and unfortunate. Funny how leftists only tie what they wanna tie. They only see racism and bigotry on the right, when in fact it breeds on the left just as fast, if not faster.

Is it just me, or is CNN reminiscent of the Jerry Springer show these days?

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