CNN Reporter DESTROYED by Black Trump Supporter [VIDEO]

CNN Reporter DESTROYED by Black Trump Supporter [VIDEO]

CNN approaches events with predetermined outcomes. We’ve learned to call these preconceived ideas, “narratives”.

CNN wants America to believe Trump is a racist, among other things. Thus, they approach anything President Trump does with the fake news narrative of racism.

Ironically, CNN racially profiles in attempting to establish their narrative.

So I love it when the fake news Leftists media narrative backfires, as it did here.

This CNN reporter took what he thought was the easy way out. All black people hate Republicans, ergo they hate Trump. So asking a black guy a loaded question about Trump should have been easy.

After all, the dude is black. And we know how black people vote. Surely this black man would “step-n-fetchit” for the camera. All CNN would need to do is blow the dog whistle of racism, and the black man would tap dance like Bo Jangles.

Next, the black dude didn’t seem intelligent enough to go against the grain. He’s not wearing a suit and tie, and appear intelligent enough to uncover the ruse, now did he?

So CNN thought. Thus, the reporter asked this question:

“What do you think about the fact that white supremacist support Donald Trump?”

Think CNN ever asked any white person what do they think about the fact that black supremacists supported Barack Obama? In the history of news, did any news channel accuse Obama of being part of any subversive black group, like the New Black Panther Party. In the wake of Eric Holder exonerating the NBPP members who menaced whites at a Philadelphia polling station, nobody accused Obama of being part of the group.

The same is true of Black Lives Matter. Though Obama certainly made no bones about inviting this terrorist organization to the White House, nobody accused him of being a member.

Trump has never exonerated white nationalists from anything. Nor has the man met with white nationalists at the White House. Obama did both these things, and the media ignored his racism.

I often speak of the backlash coming to the Democrats. TBS recently posted a video of a black Trump supporter. Below is what I wrote of the man.

This man represents many in black America. They have sickened of the lies of the Left, which is why they supported Trump during the election. Even more support President Trump now.

I want you to imagine how many more of this man really exists. The media tells you that blacks like this man don’t exist at all. They try to convince America that everybody hates Trump, particularly blacks. Nothing could be further from the truth.

By publicly announcing his support for Trump, how many people did this man empower? How many white Leftists who wrongly believe blacks monolithically support Democrats had their minds blown by him? How many blacks noted his bravery, given the Left’s propensity to violence?

More and more blacks begin to support President Trump. The media tries to keep this a secret, but the cat is indeed out of the bag.

Prior to the election, Essence magazine tried to “out” prominent blacks who support Trump (I didn’t make the list as “prominent”). They left off LL Cool J, Ice Cube and a few others. Regardless, we know the outcome.

And now the media wrongly believes they will turn black people around. In fact, they are empowering more blacks to speak out for Trump.

Trying to establish to blacks that Trump is racist is demeaning to blacks. Democrats are saying to blacks we think you are too stupid to discern the truth. After all, Democrats have done their best to make blacks ignorant and to keep blacks ignorant.


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