Colin Kaepernick Gets Recognition in Iconic Museum

Colin Kaepernick Gets Recognition in Iconic Museum

Colin Kaepernick can’t find a football team who wants him. But that doesn’t stop him from getting accolades.

The NFL’s resident racist and social justice warrior may live on in infamy.

As the Washington Examiner reports,

Artifacts from former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protests will reportedly soon be on display at the Black Lives Matter collection at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History.

“The National Museum of African American History and Culture has nearly 40,000 items in our collection,” said Damion Thomas, the museum’s sports curator, to USA Today. “The Colin Kaepernick collection is in line with the museum’s larger collecting efforts to document the varied areas of society that have been impacted by the Black Lives Matter movement.”

If we make contact with aliens, they will learn who was important in American history. And according to Leftists, a racist has-been football player looking for notoriety is significant in our history.

So what Kaepernick’s rally didn’t do very well. Remember the rally? We wrote about it.

The fact that former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have an NFL job is now getting the Occupy, Black Lives Matter, and maybe even the Al Sharpton treatment.

A rally has been called for Aug. 23 at the NFL’s New York headquarters by unknown organizers who don’t know that Kaepernick’s name has more than one “e” in it.

Kaepernick was even called the Tawanna Brawley of football! Yet, Leftists call the fraudulent Black Lives Matter movement relevant, and positively so. Who cares the movement put black neighborhoods in danger and wrongly demonizes law enforcement.

If the taking down of Confederate monuments teaches us anything, we learn the Left has no problem white-washing history to suit its narrative.

As for Kaepernick’s new role in history, the article continues.

The free agent quarterback who has yet to find a team for the upcoming 2017 NFL season will feature prominently at the African American history museum, which previously neglected to acknowledge Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Thomas, the second African American justice in U.S. history and now the highest ranking African American official in American government, was only briefly included by the museum in a fleeting reference to Anita Hill’s testimony from his confirmation hearing. Hill accused Thomas of sexual harassment while seeking to derail his confirmation to the high court.

So Kaepernick’s accomplishment ranks higher than that of a Supreme Court justice. Well, a black Republican SCOTUS, at least.

How pathetic of the Smithsonian, and how telling about the organization. What good is history, when the history is based on bullshit. Twitter certainly recognized the hypocrisy. I love this tweet regarding “artifacts”.

Ouch. The grass or the bench? Nice touch. There is the list of things Kaepernick won’t get, at least anytime soon. Like NFL teammates!

What about an NFL game ball!

The next tweet really showcases the nonsense of the Smithsonian.

Remember the shooting of Dallas cops by Black Lives Matter? The Left either pretend this incident didn’t happen, or they don’t care that BLM killed cops.

When you consider that the Smithsonian actually wants Kaepernick knick-knacks, it does make you wonder just how great the artifacts are inside. The concept reminds me of Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.

The final tweet is a classic. Remember when Kaepernick wore the Castro t-shirt at one of his last NFL press conferences?

The Smithsonian can do as it wishes. Their idiotic move won’t make a difference, as the NFL’s ratings will continue to decline.

The league will be “Kaepernicked”. As TBS wrote of being “kaepernicked”:

To be Kaepernicked means a fate worse than death for a professional athlete.

The term arises from the ashes of Colin Kaepernick, the football player who dared to make one of America’s favorite sports a petri dish of social justice.

Football has always been a stamp in American culture. It brings the nation together as we cheer on our teams.

Sports, like music and other art forms, bring people together despite what your beliefs are. In the moment it’s about the team, or the art. All racial and social barriers disappear.

You see these players living out the American dream. Some come from nothing and create inspirational lives. They are grateful for every opportunity America has to offer its people.

But not all athletes feel this way, even when America makes them successful.

And when Colin Kaepernick took a knee, refusing to stand for the National Anthem, Americans were pissed off.

The Smithsonian won’t save Kaepernick. And he certainly isn’t smart enough to save himself.



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