Congressman Calls for Special Counsel Mueller to RESIGN [VIDEO]

Congressman Calls for Special Counsel Mueller to RESIGN [VIDEO]

I declared early on that Special Counsel Mueller is a fraud.

I knew nothing about him, which makes my declaration more profound. 

In full disclosure, I have no psychic powers. I just listened to crooked Comey lavish praise on the man, and I knew then that Mueller represented Leftism.

FOX News discusses why Mueller needs to be removed.

The Democrats know that Mueller is a dyed-in-the-wool Leftist. And any Republican who backed Mueller as Special Counsel outed himself or herself as a bona fide RINO.

As for Mueller himself, take a look at his bio.

Born in New York City in 1944, Robert Mueller attended Princeton University and served with distinction in Vietnam. He became an assistant U.S. attorney for the Northern District of California in 1976, and over the next two-plus decades he also took on prominent roles with the District of Massachusetts and the Department of Justice. Named FBI director in 2001, Mueller was immediately confronted by the 9/11 attacks, and he subsequently overhauled the bureau to meet the demands posed by 21st century terrorist activity. He left the post in 2013.

The heartbeat of Leftist:

  • New York
  • Princeton
  • California
  • Massachusetts

His bio continues,

Robert Swan Mueller III was born on August 7, 1944, in New York City, and grew up outside of Philadelphia. He attended the prestigious St. Paul’s school in New Hampshire, where he captained the soccer, lacrosse and hockey teams, the latter alongside future Secretary of State John Kerry.

So Mueller’s “served with distinction in Vietnam” is along the same lines as John Kerry. Fraud.

American witnesses the slow conversion of RINOs, #NeverTrump, anti-Trump, and Independents towards President Trump. With the Leftist onslaught, Trump still wins.

The stock market blasted through 22,000, and this is without tax reform. Unemployment continues to fall to record lows. And the economy has started to boom. Further, consumer confidence hit decades-high marks.

Meanwhile, the Left attempt to thwart the president at every turn. They create fake investigations, even fake news. The recent story that President Trump was suing schools over affirmative action and blacks is a good example.

The public now clearly sees through the nonsense, and they now want Trump to be left to do his job. Perhaps more importantly, they want government to eradicate the true swamp creatures.

As USA Today wrote:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has a problem: He has a disqualifying conflict of interest regarding a large part of his work. It involves a choice between investigating or relying on former FBI director James Comey, a longtime close friend of Mueller’s.

Ideally, he’ll recognize that and resign. But if he doesn’t resign, Attorney General Jeff Sessions should appoint another special counsel to take over the obstruction-of-justice part of the investigation, where Mueller is disqualified.

At present, there are two investigations: One into whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians (a claim that even Democrat Chris Matthews admitted fell apart after Comey’s recent testimony) and an investigation into whether, while being investigated for this claimed collusion, President Trump or someone else obstructed justice. That investigation is closely tied to Comey, and so is Mueller.

So soon, Comey will be under fire. Thus, he will need to go into deep hiding, unless he wants to end up dead.

And since I think he’d like to spend some of the fat book advance money before he dies, we likely won’t see or hear much from him.

But Comey’s investigation poses problems for Special Counsel and Leftist fraud Mueller.

As Bill Otis wrote in these pages last week, Mueller is too close to Comey to be impartial, and that violates Justice Department conflict of interest rules.  As Otis noted,

“Comey and Mueller have been friends for nearly 15 years. They were partners in the episode that defined Comey’s professional persona more than any other in his public service. It would be surprising if it had not also forged a permanent bond with Mueller…”

Of course they have a special bond. As I mentioned earlier, it was Comey’s wholehearted endorsement of Mueller that led me to the conclusion the Mueller is a fraud.

Otis continues,

Questions swirl around Comey — about whether the president wanted/hinted/hoped/asked/directed/or something else the investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn to be stopped/abandoned/slowed/soft-peddled/something else. This is probably the central element of the obstruction of justice case that Trump’s opponents would like to see made against him.

Questions also swirl about Comey’s notes about this conversation and why he gave them to a private individual (professor Dan Richman of Columbia Law) to convey to journalists. Additional questions have arisen about whether this curious and seemingly devious means of putting the contents of the notes in the public domain (leaking, in other words) was designed specifically to bring about the appointment of a special counsel outside the president’s direct reach — and, indeed, whether Comey wanted, expected or intended his friend Mueller to get the job.”

Mueller was shoe-horned into this role. The powers that be in DC orchestrated Mueller as Special Counsel. His job is to pick up where Comey left off.

The evidence is clear. A 3-year-old would have Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedine, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz under extreme scrutiny by now. And with the recent defections of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer from Clinton, the kids at the school for the blind can see what’s happening. But Mueller continues down the rat hole of Trump and Russian interference.

Soon Mueller will find the rats, and they will all sit together playing bridge and sipping 25-year old Scotch. At least until Trump sends hot oil down the rat hole.




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