Democrats’ Grim Future Shows in AMAZING POLL Numbers

Democrats’ Grim Future Shows in AMAZING POLL Numbers

Democrats ignore the obvious.

They placate themselves with fake news and polls, in an effort to believe their message resonates. It doesn’t.

According to the National Journal,

Democrats deserve credit in uniting their party to block GOP attempts at rolling back Obamacare. They managed to outline a vague list of economic priorities in hopes of convincing voters they’re not just obsessed with President Trump. But even after six months of shambolic Republican governance, Democrats are still viewed as an unacceptable alternative to many persuadable voters in middle America.

In other words, the Democrats won a battle, but they won’t win the war.

I am on record calling Donald Trump’s thrashing of Hillary Clinton. Then I predicted that the Republicans would win the special elections. Next, I have called 2018, where the Republicans will easily hold the House, and make gains in the Senate.

And I didn’t need polls to help me draw my conclusions. Nevertheless, as the article suggests, the Democrats are in big trouble.

Those were the sobering findings of a Democratic survey commissioned by the party-backed House Majority PAC, which Politico and McClatchy first reported. The poll surveyed working-class white voters in pivotal districts that Democrats are targeting in the midterms. Despite the Trump turmoil in Washington, Republicans held a 10-point lead on the generic ballot (43-33 percent) among these blue-collar voters. Democrats hold a whopping 61 percent disapproval rating among these voters, with only 32 percent approving. Even Trump’s job-approval rating is a respectable 52 percent with the demographic in these swing districts.

Democrats maintain that with robust economic messaging, they can move those numbers in their favor. But the results show how difficult that task will be. By a stunning 35-point margin, blue-collar white voters believe that Republicans will be better at improving the economy and creating jobs than Democrats. Under Trump, the economy has been growing—even in the disadvantaged parts of the country. Between promising job creation and Trump’s own paeans to blue-collar work, it’s hard to see the GOP numbers changing significantly.

Democrats now target working-class whites. How’s that for irony. The people Democrats happily forgot are now a focal point.

Rest assured that working-class white voters learned their lesson. They won’t be going back to the Democrats any time soon, as the polling shows.

The biggest problem the Democrats face is the success of President Trump. This is why the Democrats continue fake news narratives like Trump collusion with the Russians. Notice there has been a lot less talk of this, given the problems of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. You can bet the Democrats are hunkered down trying to figure out how to contain the blast of the bomb that went off with the arrest of the Muslim IT guy.



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