DY-NO-MITE: Jimmie Walker Slams PC Culture, Embraces Trump

DY-NO-MITE: Jimmie Walker Slams PC Culture, Embraces Trump

The Good Times star says it’s about time we stop being so politically correct.

Furthermore, he largely supports President Trump and says the President deserves some credit for all he’s done.

Hollywood hasn’t given Trump much support. In fact, as Walker pointed out, there isn’t a single positive Trump joke out there. Further, Jimmie points out the entire politically correct culture has gone too far.

Jesse Watters on Fox News’ sat down with Walker on Watters World to talk about Trump and the mess pc culture created.

According to Walker, Trump makes mistakes, but he gets it right 90% of the time. Not bad for a first-time politician. Obama, on the other hand, has the opposite report card. He got it wrong about 90% of the time.

Walker is a Hollywood Rarity

The entertainment business seems to fry a lot of brains. Just look at the latest faux pas from leftist poster girl Ashley Judd. After making headlines for claiming Muslim women have more rights than she does, Judd didn’t learn her lesson. She should have crawled under a rock and stayed there. However, her latest moment in the spotlight proves her brain continues to deteriorate.

This time she is offended because someone had the nerve to call her ‘sweetheart’.

Being that Judd grew up in country music, one would assume she understood politeness. However, she was so upset, she ranted for six whole minutes over the incident. Apparently, the airline apologized and gave her a free coffee voucher, but likely that was to shut her up. This is exactly what Walker refers to. People have lost their sense of humor.

As Black American Web noted:

The actor and comedian, currently working on an upcoming episode of ABC’s “Battle of the Network Stars,” said people today are way too politically correct.

“I think … anything that anybody says really is scrutinized,” he told Fox News. “It’s nothing personal! Everybody takes everything so hard! I think that’s really what the problem is.”

For this reason, Walker came to the defense of fellow comic Bill Maher, who came under fire in June when he referred to himself as a “house ni**er” as a joke on his HBO show. Maher apologized for his remark shortly thereafter.

“It was a joke!” Walker said. “Come on, people! I love Bill Maher … even though Bill Maher has not put me on his show in about 10 years … Bill Maher is not a racist … calm down.”

Walker is a welcomed voice for conservatives.

He’s funny, light hearted, and understands that Trump won’t be perfect. However, it’s the overall success of the job which is so important in Making America Great Again. For Walker, it’s sad to see every single comedian united in tearing apart the POTUS.

“No President has been attacked in recent years — because you couldn’t attack [Barack] Obama because he was black… but Trump, they have come out guns blazing against him,” he explained.  “Even though I don’t like everything he does, why, heck, darn it, I think he deserves some sort of praise… but you can’t say that in Hollywood.”

Even though the Hollywood liberals won’t like anything Walker has to say, he resonates with a lot of Americans. These days being politically correct seems more important than being honest. However, Trump’s voice definitely shakes things up in the realm. And having Walker on Trump’s side is definitely DY-NO-MITE.

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