FIRE McMaster: Susan Rice ALLOWED ACCESS to Classified Information

FIRE McMaster: Susan Rice ALLOWED ACCESS to Classified Information

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster is a swamp snake.

And I have to believe that President Trump knows this.

McMaster opposes the president’s stance on the Iran nuclear deal. And the man hates Israel, another position that differs from that of President Trump.

Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick wrote recently that National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster is purging pro-Israel staff from the National Security Council (NSC). , turning the administration against President Donald Trump’s policies.

In a Facebook post, Glick noted that “all of these people” whom McMaster has fired this week “are pro-Israel and oppose the Iran nuclear deal, positions that Trump holds.”

Newsweek asked if McMaster is on the way out:

Is H.R. McMaster, the White House national security adviser, on the way out? By some signs, he is: President Donald Trump not only excluded him from a key meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his national security adviser Monday night in Jerusalem, he was kept “outside the King David [Hotel] room during the course of the entire meeting,” according to an eye-catching Israeli account.

Taken alone, the perceived shaming wouldn’t amount to much: Trump has a habit of slighting his aides in public. But the incident came only days after a report in The New York Times that McMaster had fallen out of favor with the president. Trump had “complained that General McMaster talks too much in meetings,” and “the president has referred to him as ‘a pain,’” The Times said in a report that was not challenged by the White House. By the time Trump left Israel for his meeting in Rome with the Pope, right-wing news sites closely allied with the so-called “nationalist” wing of the White House were serving up full throated criticism of McMaster, a distinguished Army general.

Trump excluded McMaster from the Israel meeting for the reason I mentioned earlier.

As for McMaster talking too much, Trump wants people who have relevance, with no grandstanding. Short and to the point.

The president isn’t calling the man out without reason. The pressure of being on “front street” can cause some people to overreact. Could this be what President Trump wants to McMaster to do? To cover his tracks and thus make a mistake that outs the “shadow government”?

Certainly one can make the case for such covert tactics. But McMaster needs to be gone regardless. And here’s yet another reason why. Bad judgment.

Reports have surfaced that McMaster allowed Susan Rice to keep her security clearance a month after finding out she was the source of the unmasking of several Trump associates. In a letter to Rice, McMaster wrote that she would continue to have permission to view classified information.

Circa’s Sara Carter reported.

“I hereby waive the requirement that you must have a ‘need-to-know’ to access any classified information contained in items you ‘originated, reviewed, signed or received while serving,’ as National Security Adviser,” the letter said. The letter also states that the “NSC will continue to work with you to ensure the appropriate security clearance documentation remains on file to allow you access to classified information.”

Recall that when questioned in March, Rice initially denied having anything to do with the unmasking. She told PBS she “knew nothing about it.”

However, shortly thereafter she changed her story , when she learned that evidence existed that she had done it. Thus, she admitted to unmasking Americans, insisting the crime was done in the name of national security.

“I leaked nothing to nobody and never have and never would,” she added.

Perhaps Rice didn’t leak anything. However, her unmasking likely violates multiple laws meant to protect American citizens.

Regardless, why would McMaster allow an incompetent, and a liar such as Rice to have the potential to undermine American national security. Is he setting a trap for her? I doubt it.

But I do believe a trap is being set for McMaster.


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