Former FBI Director Comey Gets Book Deal: Let’s Check it Out

Former FBI Director James Comey Gets Book Deal: Let’s Check it Out

Even Leftist scoundrels need money to live.

And former FBI Director James Comey finally gets to cash in after a career in public service.

According to sources, Comey’s book deal is worth north of $2 million. $2 mil is not “Clinton cash”. Nevertheless, that’s still not bad for a traitorous Leftist “cleaner” who provided cover for the Clintons.

Flatiron Books informed AP that Comey will write about everything from allegations of ties between Russia and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign to the bureau’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. The book doesn’t have a title yet, but is due out in the Spring.

If Comey’s book is anything like the notes he kept on Hillary Clinton’s testimony, it will be a short read.

But what exactly can we expect?

Lies, lies, and more lies. Comey will try to make himself look good, but pretending he was above reproach. Before I speculate further, let’s look at possible titles.

  • How Loretta Lynch made me her bitch
  • The night Trump grabbed me by the p*ssy
  • Just because I’m 6’8″ don’t judge me to as a man
  • FBI: G-String Man

According to NPR, Comey’s book will be all about good ethical leadership. So, the book must be about Trump?

Former FBI Director James Comey’s first book will be published next spring and feature “yet-unheard anecdotes from his long and distinguished career,” according to publisher Flatiron Books.

Comey was suddenly fired by President Trump in May, setting off a political firestorm over why it happened and whether the decision was linked to the FBI’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Last month, The New York Times reported that Comey was holding discussions with editors and publishers and that the book was preparing to go to auction. The Timesadded that “Mr. Comey was reluctant at first to entertain offers, but he later decided that he had something to say beyond a rehashing of his career highlights and low points, according to his agent.”

Flatiron Books describes the work, which is not yet titled, as an exploration of “what good, ethical leadership looks like and how it drives sound decisions.” It says it will draw on Comey’s experience as FBI director, U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York and the U.S. deputy attorney general during the George W. Bush administration.

Unheard anecdotes? Like what.

Why we didn’t record Hillary Clinton or take notes during her questioning by the FBI, but I kept copious notes on President Trump? THAT anecdote?

Or how about the funny story Comey told about all the violations of national security that Hillary Clinton committed, but that he could find no “intent”. Now that was funny!

“Long and distinguished career”? In STAND-UP COMEDY!

Comey should be in prison for his malfeasance. Hopefully Congress can read Comey’s nonsense, then get him for perjury.

Honestly, I thought there were laws against criminals profiting from their crimes.

I hope Comey explains the fear he had when Loretta Lynch had him not use certain lingo when referring to the Hillary Clinton investigation. You know…the MATTER!

Here’s a couple of likely excerpts:

“Loretta Lynch loomed large in the room. Her presence commanding. I stood there, a giant among men, but emasculated by her stature. It was as if the Attorney General had my balls in her hands, prepared to squeeze at any moment. I was petrified, but at the same time aroused.”

And what of this jewel.

“President Trump had won the election. Now it was my job to stop him. I wondered what adulation I would feel having taken Trump down. I would have done what the Clintons and the political establishment couldn’t. I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR! Move over Katy Perry, J-Comey is here and I’m queer!”

Don’t be surprised to learn one day that Comey waits on a waiting list for a sex-change operation. Let’s face it, he’s already a eunuch.

I’m not mad at this Leftist clown. If people are willing to pay to read that trash, then so be it. A fool and his money, you know what I mean. But I hope when it’s all said and done, Comey sits in prison, and his money goes to the Trump family.

Play along with us. Give us what you think the book title will be. Or write an excerpt from the book. One in each category chosen to be the best will get a goodie basket from the TBS team.

One last thought on the book’s name.

Since Hillary Clinton calls her next book “What happened?”, perhaps Comey could call his “Trump happened!”


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