Harvey Flood Survivor BLASTS CNN [VIDEO]

Harvey Flood Survivor BLASTS CNN [VIDEO]

Try to imagine being caught in a flood of the magnitude of Harvey for 3 days with no food or water.

Then when you finally make it to safety, CNN sticks a microphone in front of your face. The news network pretends that they interview you for the public good. They want to hear your story, the reporter claims.

That’s how things went for this black mother of two children.

The Houston mother was distraught, having just arrived into a shelter after a harrowing experience. One look in her eyes, and you see the terror she and her children experienced. And there stood CNN ready to pounce.

The reporter can see the woman shivering, yet offers nothing. How about offering to get the woman and her children into warm clothes and something to eat, THEN do the interview.

“Y’all trying to interview people during their worst times. Like, that’s not the smartest thing to do,” the shaken up parent, identified only as Danielle, told reporter Rosa Flores.


“People are really breaking down and y’all sitting here with cameras and microphones trying to ask us what the f–k is wrong with us,” she seethed. “And you really trying to understand with the microphone still in my face! With me shivering cold, with my kids wet! And you’re still putting a microphone in my face!”

According to the New York Post, the interview happened a little before 1 p.m. central time at a shelter in Houston.

The reporter appeared to approach the woman at random just after she arrived there with her two kids.

Prior to the blow-up, the woman explained,

“We was waiting for the police for like 36 hours and they never came,” the mother said. “We did the white flags and everything — and nobody came.”

Most people would have understood the human tragedy at this point, and offered to expedite a meal. You know CNN has food in their remote truck. Yet, the reporter offers nothing.

The woman continued her harrowing story of survival, and explained that on the first day they walked to a gas station to get food. She and her children waited it out for days, hoping law enforcement would arrive to save them. But nobody came.

Still CNN only wanted the sob story narrative. I’m sure the reporter was thinking, “This is GREAT TV!”

“We had been there for five days with no food, no lights,” she said. “We got through four feet of water to get them food on the first day…Yea, that’s a lot of s–t.”

After this, as the video shows, the woman went berserk, as the reporter then attempts to apologize for her insensitivity.

Too late.

CNN anchor Jim Acosta interrupts, “It sounds like you’ve got a very upset family there,” as CNN cuts away from the remote.

Anybody think CNN could have waited until this woman and her family were situated before attempting to interview them? I’m sure they believed that this woman would be so relieved to be safe, that she would be a great interview. But that proves the narrative, that the media gives no consideration for alternative narratives. You know they were prepared for the expletives that mother of two dropped on live TV.

We all know that the 24-hour news cycle means news networks must vamp a lot. But they seem to forget the human element. As CNN concocts the news, they forget that lives are impacted, and this interview is a snippet of the macrocosm of CNN.

Fake news hurts people. Fake news ignores the humanity of the real world, and fake news has consequences.

I’d like to see that woman interviewed again, after she realizes that her ordeal is over. I’d like to see her children smiling along side her, as she explains all that she went through. The woman has a lot to say, and her story could help people in the future. But we didn’t get to hear that in her interview, because CNN made the story more important than the human.



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