Illegal Alien Protected by Sanctuary City Rapes TWO WOMEN in One Day

Illegal Alien Protected by Sanctuary City Rapes TWO WOMEN in One Day

Leftists hide behind their sanctuary city policies. They claim to help deserving illegals who just want a “better life.”

These poster children “Dreamers” as the Left call them find a better life committing heinous crimes against Americans.

Look at Sergio Jose Martinez. He sexually assaulted one woman, then raped another  Portland on Monday. And he didn’t even use a gun

Fox News reports:

Martinez allegedly assaulted a woman in the basement of a parking garage while armed with a knife, police said. The woman kicked him in the stomach and pressed the panic button in her car, and Martinez fled when authorities arrived.

Detectives were able to connect Martinez to another assault that occurred blocks away.

Martinez allegedly entered the woman’s home through an open window, used scarves and socks to blindfold her, then tied her up, gagged her and raped her — slamming her head into the wood floor.

Martinez has been in out of the country since he was 15 years old. He sought refuge in the sanctuary city of Portland Oregon.

In Oregon, it is already illegal for cities to use their resources to help enforce federal immigration laws. Earlier this year the Portland city Council declared Portland a sanctuary city.

“The City of Portland will remain a welcoming, safe place for all people,” the Council said in statement.

So while Portland graciously accepts savages like Martinez, American citizens get the bad end of the deal.

According to court documents, Martinez has entry/removal from [the] United States to/from Mexico 20 times with at least five probation violations from re-entry. Worse yet, he committed a crazy amount of crimes. So the city of Portland exposes its citizens to the worst kinds of criminals.

Martinez’ extensive criminal history includes burglary, battery, and of course his multiple deportations. He also served jail time and a has history of drug and alcohol abuse. Further, he has had run-ins with the law in Texas, California and Oregon.

Leftists should be ashamed of themselves to allow this man into our country. How in the hell was he able to venture in and out of America so readily? And don’t think this man is alone. For each one of these men caught, dozens roam the streets of America, mostly in sanctuary cities.

Recall Tommy Alvarado-Ventura. He beat and sexually assaulted a two-year-old girl after stabbing her mother. Ventura was part of Obama’s “catch and release” program. Like Martinez, Venture should have been deported multiple times. Instead, Ventura roamed the streets with practical immunity.

Despite the Left’s claim to the contrary, sanctuary cities have higher crime rates than others. And their economies are wrecks.

Then, what of the victims? Even if it’s just one.

The Daily Wire‘s Hank Berrien reported on the following from Louisiana attorney general Jeff Landry:

According to Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, crime has risen in “sanctuary cities” across the nation.

Landry told the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security, that sanctuary city policies “allow illegals to commit crimes, then roam free in our communities.” Landry’s appearance was prompted by the changed status of New Orleans, where city police are now banned from asking an individual’s immigration status.

Using recent statistics from Los Angeles, another sanctuary city, Landry asserted, “Los Angeles saw all crime rise in 2015: violent crime up 19.9 percent, homicides up 10.2 percent, shooting victims up 12.6 percent, rapes up 8.6 percent, robberies up 12.3 percent, and aggravated assault up 27.5 percent … (sanctuary cities) encourage further illegal immigration and promote an underground economy that sabotages the tax base.”

How could any Leftists know these statistics and support allowing illegals to terrorize citizens.

Thankfully, Jeff Sessions has signaled that the Trump administration prioritizes its citizen’s safety over protecting illegals.

“Such policies cannot continue,” Sessions declared. “They make our nation less safe by putting dangerous criminals back on the street.”

Defending these lawless cities who promote crime and violence are getting more difficult for the left to defend as the facts continue to stare them in the face.

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