Kaepernick BLASTED On Fox Sports! “Tawanna Brawley of Football”

FOX Sports Anchor Calls Kaepernick the Tawanna Brawley of Football

Colin Kaepernick did what most Leftist do.

They rarely think anything through to the end.

So when Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem at one of the 49er games, he thought he was making a good career move. Kaepernick likely thought Hillary Clinton would be president, and progressivism would still be flourishing.

Kaepernick lived under the erroneous notion that America wasn’t fed up with people like him. America has sickened with those who disrespect the country that gave him and all Americans our freedoms.

America spoke. We made sure the NFL knew our feelings, as we stopped watching high-paid babies make their fake narrative political statements. And when it was time for Kaepernick to get a new gig, Americans spoke again.

One sportswriter called Kaepernick, the Tawanna Brawley of football.

As IJR reported,

The fact that former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have an NFL job is now getting the Occupy, Black Lives Matter, and maybe even the Al Sharpton treatment.

A rally has been called for Aug. 23 at the NFL’s New York headquarters by unknown organizers who don’t know that Kaepernick’s name has more than one “e” in it.


The Justice League NYCPeople’s Consortium, and a group called Empowerment Movement are three groups mentioned on a flyer calling for the rally, but it’s unclear who the coordinator is.

Filmmaker Spike Lee tweeted the flyer but said he isn’t an organizer and can’t be present:



Spike Lee doesn’t care about any other football player, except the one who disrespects America.

I defy anybody to show me where Lee fought so hard for a football player. He cries racism, when he could just as easily cry “Americanism.” 

Lee claims racism in a sport dominated by black players.  Blacks outnumber whites in the NFL by more than 2-to-1: 68.7 percent black and 28.6 percent white.

In other words, a race representing 13 percent of the population has almost 69 percent of the NFL players. That’s 5 times the population of blacks.

Yet many idiots on the Left dare cry racism when Kaepernick pulls his un-American stunt.



This is why Spike Lee should never be taken seriously. The man is bad for America, as he only sees issues through the prism of race. And he is constantly wrong.

Lee goes on to ask why nobody wants Kaepernick.


To answer Lee’s question, no employer wants a troublemaker.

NFL owners don’t hire social justice warriors, they hire athletes. The smart athletes keep their mouths shut and play the game.

Fox Sports 1 host Jason Whitlock told Fox News that he believes this rally isn’t a cry for justice. Whitlock commented that Kaepernick tried a “shakedown” of NFL owners:

“This is moving into a land and area that I don’t think we’ve ever seen in sports: this invasion of progressive ideology and the progressive movement into the National Football League and sports.

This, to me, is starting to smell like a shakedown of the NFL and the NFL ownership.

Colin Kaepernick, the false narrative, that he’s out of the league because all the owners are racist and he’s being blackballed. Listen, this is simply a case of a guy who’s not good enough — his talents aren’t good enough to justify all the attention and noise and controversy that comes along with him.”

Whitlock added that the organized reaction to Kaepernick torpedoing his NFL career now mimics Sharpton tactics.

“This is like the Tawana Brawley of football, this false narrative that we have going here.”

As IJR explains:

In 1987, 15-year-old Tawana Brawley falsely accused six white men of raping her. One wrongly accused man was a cop and another was an attorney with the New York District Attorney’s office.

The New York Times reports that her case, investigated and ruled a hoax by a grand jury, was championed by then-street preacher and rabble rouser, the Rev. Al Sharpton, who’s now a host on MSNBC (on weekends).

Kaepernick’s problems are problems of his own creation. And America will no longer forgive these extortionists.


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