Latest Leftist Lie About Trump and GOP Brand

Latest Leftist Lie About Trump and GOP Brand

For the GOP to fear brand damage proves they have brain damage.

If anybody has hurt the GOP brand, it’s the GOP. If Trump has done anything, he has salvaged the GOP brand.

Let’s face it, the GOP is made up of eunuchs. They are an almost universal embarrassment. The true Republicans can easily be counted on one’s hands with fingers left over. I suggest the middle finger, if you are so inclined.

Yet, the Left want America to believe that Trump is the problem. As The Hill reported,

As a week dominated by President Trump’s response to the violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., draws to a close, many Republicans are worried that serious damage has been done to their party.

Specifically, they argue that Trump may have set back years of efforts to make the GOP more appealing to an increasingly diverse American electorate.

Only a moron would believe this nonsense, yet the Left peddle this story like the new Russia conspiracy.

If anybody is in trouble, it’s the GOP. Trump is the only reason they are outpacing the Democrats two-to-one in fundraising. Here were the last numbers we reported.

It appears that Trump’s base doesn’t care about his impending impeachment? The betting public has put its money on the president. And although I’m no Vegas oddsmakers, I would not take a bet against Trump.

Take a look at the numbers so far. According to ABC,

The Republican National Committee is touting some big fundraising numbers bolstered by President Trump’s appeal with his base, including small donors.

The $75 million-plus brought in by the party in the first six months of this year is more than double the amount that Democrats raised during Barack Obama’s first six months.

Keep in mind this was when Obama was still the belle of the ball. Yet Trump has raised DOUBLE!

Oh, but it gets far worse yet.

Compared to the Democrats’ fundraising, Trump is Superman, Spiderman, Ironman, Batman, Wonder Woman and King Kong rolled into one delicious Conservative super hero.

The Democratic National Committee raised only $4.29 million in May, the organization’s worst fundraising performance in that month since 2003, according to data from the Federal Election Commission.

In May 2003, the DNC raised $2.7 million, but since that time, the party’s worst totals in May had previously been $4.5 million in both 2005 and 2015. It is common for fundraising totals to dip in the year following a presidential election race.

This comes one month after the DNC posted its worst April in terms of fundraising since 2009, hauling in just $4.7 million. That meant the Democrats’ fundraising total dipped more than $400,000 from April to May.

With all the evidence showing that President Trump controls the Republican Party, the Left attempts to sell a different narrative.

The Hill article continues,

There is no mistaking the seriousness with which they view the situation.

One veteran Republican strategist, who asked for anonymity to speak candidly, told The Hill that Trump’s response was “a f—ing disaster.” The source added, “I have no idea where we go from here.”

Well the “anonymous” fake news strategist might not have an idea where to go, but Conservatives do. They will go where Trump leads. But unlike Obama who lost over 1,000 seats during his tenure at the helm, Trump will add more wins to his total.

And though the Left called for Bannon’s head at the tip of spear, the Left now say that the move to get rid of Bannon did nothing for Trump.

Few were assuaged by the news Friday of White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon’s dismissal. Bannon, who came to Trump from the “alt-right” world of Breitbart News, was a voice for economic nationalism within the White House.

“I don’t think it does,” said former Republican National Committee communications director Doug Heye, when asked if Bannon’s departure made a difference. “Nobody makes their decision about who to support based on the staff in the White House.”

Either Bannon was good for Trump or bad for Trump.

Personally, I love that Trump got rid of Bannon. His usefulness ended with the win. Keeping Bannon around was purely symbolic. Undoubtedly, losing Bannon won’t impact Trump negatively. 

TBS wrote of Bannon a while back, when Trump said he was winning before he met Bannon.

As for Bannon, he is no sage. He took over for one of the most insightful Conservatives on the planet, Andrew Breitbart. However, Bannon is no Breitbart.

I’m sure Bannon is a talented man. Certainly, there was a reason for Trump to put him in the inner circle initially. Nevertheless, getting in is usually a lot more difficult than staying in, especially with over-achievers like Trump. Either you achieve or find another job.

Should we trust the media when they describe the “infighting” in the Trump administration? Of course not. What we witness with Trump is how DC should work. Like the business of the people. Only the strong and competent survive.

The people who must worry are the establishment GOP who continue to fight Trump. By 2018, I predict these people will be few and far between. Further most will pretend to have Alzheimer when it comes to fighting Trump.

Far too may establishment politicians live on the muscle memory of the Obama Era. That time has come and gone. And as Obama was ineffectual as a president, he is doubly ineffective as a poster child for former presidents. In truth, the man is not missed. The Democrats distance themselves from Obama daily, which should be a sign for Republicans to nuzzle up to Trump. Right now, Republicans actually hope for Trump’s demise. Sadly for them, Trump will succeed. Success is the only thing he knows.


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