Leftist Professor: Black People Too Stupid to Learn Algebra

Leftist Professor: Black People Too Stupid to Learn Algebra

Leftists are amazingly condescending to blacks. And yet black leftists gleefully jump on board.

Take for example the claim that asking for valid ID disenfranchises blacks. The reason according to leftists? Blacks are the only race too stupid to get a valid ID.

Think this stance by Democrats would send blacks running from the Party of Patronizing? Think again.

Democrats put Planned Parenthood near blacks, and the organization obliges by killing blacks by abortion at 300 percent the national average. Don’t expect black leftists to connect the dots. Because leftists made sure most leftist blacks are too stupid to think for themselves.

Take what we learned from Conservative 101:

Eloy Ortiz Oakley, chancellor of California Community Colleges System argued against forcing students in college to learn algebra. It’s a “civil rights issue,” said Oakley. Basically the argument is that if college was easier, more black people would have college degrees. Wow.

“This is a civil rights issue, but this is also something that plagues all Americans — particularly low-income Americans. If you think about all the underemployed or unemployed Americans in this country who cannot connect to a job in this economy — which is unforgiving of those students who don’t have a credential — the biggest barrier for them is this algebra requirement. It’s what has kept them from achieving a credential,” said Oakley.

He argued against this just being a way to make college easier. “I hear that a lot and unfortunately nothing could be farther from the truth. Somewhere along the lines, since the 1950s, we decided that the only measure of a student’s ability to reason or to do some sort of quantitative measure is algebra,” he said.

The bigger irony is that Oakley doesn’t want blacks to learn a math invented by Greeks and Hindus and perfected by a Muslim.

As Gulf News notes,

Although Babylonians invented algebra and Greek and Hindu mathematicians preceded the great Frenchman François Viète — who refined the discipline as we know it today — it was Abu Jaafar Mohammad Ibn Mousa Al Khwarizmi (AD780-850) who perfected it.

He used Al Jabr (algebra) in the title of a justifiably renowned study that became a classic textbook in leading universities for centuries: the “Hisab Al Jabr wal-Muqabalah” (The Book of Integration and Equation), introduced the use of Indo-Arabic numerals that, over time, came to be known as algorithms.

Exactly what else would Oakley suggest blacks not learn? Is he suggesting that anything blacks can’t learn should just be dismissed?

Perhaps that’s why leftists ignore the lack of decorum in the black community?

Interestingly, there exist excellent examples of blacks simply ignoring what we can’t seem to learn. Take fatherhood as an example. Since black leftist men can’t seem to learn fatherhood, they just abandon it.

Congratulations leftists!

Out of curiosity, how does Oakley plan to allow blacks to opt out? Will there be a black percentage that allows one to not take algebra? What if whites want to opt out, e.g., Rachel Dolezal? Is that allowed?

As you can see, leftism rears its ugly head, and we must rewrite the rules.


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