Embarrassing: Clinton-Supporting Hollyweirdo Gets WAKE-UP CALL

Embarrassing: Clinton-Supporting Hollyweirdo Gets WAKE-UP CALL

Leftist tears may have a monetary value, but not a very high one.

Lena Dunham recently demonstrated her fragility. And, she wants the world to know she’s had difficulty moving on from Donald Trump’s ass-kicking of Hillary Clinton.

In fact, the loss caused Dunham to drop a few pounds. This resulted in Dunham testing her relevance, and auctioning off a few “fat dresses” in order to do something more for the “Help Hillary Heal” cause. The proceeds of Dunham’s efforts were to benefit none other than the baby-killing organization called Planned Parenthood.

One of those items on the auction block was the very dress in which Dunham sobbed in on “Devastation Night”, November 8, 2016. The dress would even include the “Certificate of Authenticity”, ergo DNA verification of Dunham tears.

With dress in hand and certificate approved, Dunham provided the goods. Sadly, Dunham’s dress was about as popular has her “head shot”. As it turns out, the garment fetched a paltry $125.

Talk about a wake-up call!

Dunham’s dress can’t even cover one abortion consultation with Planned Parenthood. Don’t believe me? Check out the snippet from Planned Parenthood’s website:

Your first appointment costs $150. This covers lab work, an ultrasound, and options counseling.

Not getting enough money for a Planned Parenthood appointment for anything Hollywood should embarrass the child-molester Dunham. Take for example, Tupac’s letter from jail. The owner expects to garner $100,000, and that’s just ink on paper. By comparison, a dress should fetch much better than a letter, and certainly one with DNA proof.

I’m thinking the value dropped, because the dress was worn by the it-beast Dunham? Just a theory, though a good one.

The $125 the dress is undoubtedly a clue for the talentless Dunham. The price suggests that Dunham move on from the butt-hurt loss, and accept that like her idol Hillary Clinton, Dunham’s career may be over as well.

Her show gone, perhaps America should consider this move a cry for help? Not so fast.

Dunham isn’t quite done milking publicity with her dramatic, nearly hysterical “Clinton grief.”

As I mentioned above, Dunham has shed a few pounds, and she credits her newly slimmed-down shape (no, she’s still ‘fugly’) to President Trump’s election.

The Trump win literally made her waste away, she claims. And Dunham is liberal with the diet tips (pun intended), lamenting to Howard Stern,

Try soul-crushing pain and devastation and hopelessness and you, too, will lose weight.

If that’s the case, Conservative Americans are all anorexic. Try the “eight years of Obama” diet, and you will need to be fed intravenously to survive.

I speak for many Americans who survived in the most dire of circumstances. Fake jobs numbers and fake economic numbers. Obama excelled at one thing: making America more racist.

Ironically, Democrats seemed content to lose the House, the Senate, and over 1000 Democrat seats under Obama. Leftists love being fat, dumb, and happy, as long as they have a Democrat running things. Ultimately, Obama gave America Trump, and thus is the real cause of Dunham’s malaise, ergo her weight loss.

Nevertheless, Clinton’s biggest groupies seem determined to corner the market on misery. Oh, and blaming Trump.

Eating baby food and sucking down green tea because you’re prostrated with grief isn’t a good look. Dunham acts like the jilted girlfriend driving around and around, past the ex’s house. She waiting for the opportunity to key America’s car. Or perhaps she will flatten the tires?

Below, Dunham discusses her post-election troubles on The View with fellow libtards, Bob Saget and Joy Behar. Dunham tells the panels,

“I’m a rich white girl in Hollywood, I’ll be fine.”

That’s Hollyweirdo code for, “What about the POOR BLACK PEOPLE!”

Dunham continues describing how after the election she had a psychosomatic response to the Clinton loss. Ironically, at one point, Dunham tells Saget that she is attracted to him. Saget looked repulsed, and doesn’t appear to take the news well.


Wait for the book.

It’s never long before Hollyweirdos figure out how to capitalize on their feigned angst. Dunham may feel like she supported Clinton. However deep down, Trump is grabbing her by the p*ssy.

In fact, most women in Hollywood inwardly love Trump. They await the time when public adulation of Trump is acceptable. When that time comes, Trump will be sexier than Obama could have ever dreamed.

Evidence of this occurs daily. Most of the Democrat defections are covered in other media news cycles. And with Hollywood, they will be cautious, having over 5 decades of muscle-memory of Conservative oppression. But it’s coming.


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