A List of Times Donald Trump was a “Racist Bigot.”

A List of Times Donald Trump was a “Racist Bigot.”

“Trumps rhetoric is causing division in America!”

That’s the headline in most Leftist’ circles and media outlets as of late.

In the after math of the riots that’s happened over the weekend in Charlottesville, Leftist’ have decided to change the narrative back to racism. Shocker!

After all, it’s completely logical to blame one man exclusively for the hate and division that has been brewing in our nation for 8 years, right?

So we decided to take a look back at the times black leaders praised the racist Donald Trump. And his charitable deeds done for minorities that absolutely prove his bigotry.

Champion of minority empowerment.

Or at least Trump used to be before he ran and won as a Republican candidate.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s Trump did a lot of business with popular black leaders like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Don King.

King and Trump went into business together promoting Trump’s many business ventures in Atlantic City. Then, King introduced Sharpton to Trump knowing that with Trump’s business smarts he could help Sharpton’s humanitarian efforts.

“The relationship worked,” King says, “because Sharpton and Trump shared core values, among them commitment to the rights of women and minorities. “

Then, In 1986 Trump was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

The award represents:

“Individuals who have made it their mission to share with those less fortunate their wealth of knowledge, indomitable courage, boundless compassion, unique talents and selfless generosity; all while maintaining the traditions of their ethnic heritage as they uphold the ideals and spirit of America.”

Donald Trump was one out of 80 chosen to receive this award and other recipients included Rosa Parks and Muhammed Ali.

Additionally, in both 1998 and 1999 Trump was Jesse Jackson’s guest of honor at the annual Wall Street Conference hosted by the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Jackson’ DC-based “multiracial, multi-issue, progressive, international membership organization fighting for social change.”

“We need your building skills, your gusto,” Jackson told the Donlestate mogul before stating Trump is a model for “people on Wall Street to represent diversity.”


Why do all of sudden these black leaders change their tune? Have they forgotten the time, effort, and financial support that Trump generously donated to their organizations and humanitarian efforts?

Trump’s caring nature for those in need doesn’t stop there.

Remember when racist Donald Trump took care of Jennifer Hudson when she went through her horrific family tragedy?

Back in 2008 Jennifer Hudson’s mom and brother were found murdered and her nephew missing.

Hudson and other family members took refuge at the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago were Trump picked up their tab and took care of them the whole time.

“They are safe,” Trump told People “She’s a great girl and we’re protecting them well.”

Or what about the homeless black woman found living in Trump Tower illegally? When she was discovered police were called and Donald Trump.

Trump allowed this woman to stay at Trump Tower for 8 years. Moreover, he provided three meals a day to her, and flowers were sent to her residence once a week.

She had this to say about her stay:

“Donald Trump is not a bad guy at all.   If it wasn’t for him, I’d be dead or in the street.”

“I asked him how am I going to pay him back for all this, and he told me I can pay him back when I get it… which is never.”

“Donald Trump is a wonderful, wonderful man,” the woman said.

It is quite clear Donald Trump has always had a heart for the less fortunate and anyone who tells you otherwise is an ignorant fool.

His many selfless deeds were done long before his run for the presidency and now that he is president, we will see much more to come.

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