Trump Effect: Major City DUMPS Obama Era Policy

Trump Effect: Major City DUMPS Obama Era Policy

For 8 long years America has sorely been missing true American leadership.

In many ways Obama misguided America. One of these was his failed immigration policies practically sucking Americans dry of billions of dollars annually.

The Trump administration makes it clear that the Era of Obama ended. No more lawlessness brought on by lax and unlawful immigration policies. Instead, America will submit to lawful immigration under the RAISE act. Thus new immigrants must arrive in the U.S. legally, and prove they deserve to be here.

Because of the Trump administration’s stance on immigration, one major city reversed its Obama-era course. As the Miami Herald reported, the Mayor of Miami-Dade Florida announced it will be reversing its sanctuary city policies and comply with the new Trump administration.

An Aug. 4 letter to Mayor Carlos Gimenez from the Justice Department said “there was no evidence” Miami-Dade was out of compliance with an immigration provision of a federal police grant worth about $480,000 this year to the county.

Shortly after President Donald Trump took office promising an immigration crackdown, Gimenez reversed a 2013 county policy and ordered Miami-Dade jails to begin honoring requests by immigration officers to extend the detentions of people in local custody who are also being sought for possible deportation.

Miami-Dade got the memo.

And the action by the city bolsters the president’s stance on illegal immigration and moreso on the fraudulent notion of sanctuary city status.

Remember when nobody thought Trump could win Florida?

During the election cycle, the Clinton campaign announced that they were leaving Florida, as the state was a lock for Hillary Clinton. In fact, the campaign was so bold as to announce that they thought Texas was in play. So they rolled up the carpets, loading up the wagon and headed west to Texas.

As the world knows now, things didn’t go as planned for Clinton. On Election Day Trump stunned the pundits, and dominated Florida in almost every corner of the state. He even outperformed past Republican candidates, as Trump carried a 134,000 vote lead – 1.4 percentage points — leaving Democrats crushed and confused as to how they lost.

The Miami-Dade decision on sanctuary city status indicates at least one reason why the Democrats are shocked. Democrats believed their own hype. They convinced themselves that Americans ceded their rights to those of illegals long ago. Thus, like with Obamacare, the Left merely rammed their insane ideas down the throats of hardworking, taxpaying Americans.

Like other Americans, Floridians had had enough. And rightfully so.

During the Obama era Florida’s economy has tanked due to illegal immigration and sanctuary cities costing taxpayers a whopping 3.8 billion annually. FAIR US reported:

“By 2008, a state that is used to being in the eye of the hurricane found itself in the eye of the financial crisis that is gripping the nation. The Florida real estate market has been decimated by the sub-prime mortgage debacle, with foreclosure rates among the highest in the nation. Florida’s unemployment rate reached 8.6 percent in January 2009. In 2009, the state faces a crippling budget crisis, with state officials projecting a nearly $6 billion shortfall.”

Where does the money go? In addition to losing jobs to illegal immigrants, Floridians received added insults from Obama’s policies.

For example, like all Americans who allow Leftists illegal immigration and sanctuary city policies, Floridians pay for illegals health care. Imagine a family struggling to pay for its own healthcare harboring the added costs of funding the healthcare of illegals.

Next, Floridians pay for the high incarceration rates. Despite what the Left argues, illegals cost taxpayers a fortune. Why should America house these criminals in our overcrowded prisons, when we should just send them home. Instead Leftists free these felons, who anchor themselves to the U.S. with more children.

And what of the cost of education for those children?

Floridians spend nearly $2.9 billion annually on education for illegal immigrant children and for their U.S.-born siblings.

Those children generally has substandard educations compared to students in the U.S. Thus, they slow down the learning process for American kids. The dramatic decline of the U.S. in education ranking showcases the impact of the children of illegals. Even bonehead Leftists can’t deny the corollary.

English as Second Language classes, as well as the cost for interpreters at hospitals and government agencies, and it’s easy to see why the U.S. should enforce our existing immigration laws.

Those days are over. The president’s RAISE act makes coming to America an honor, and not an entitlement. President Trump proposes the first common-sense immigration policy the U.S. has seen in decades. Finally an administration tossed Leftist ideology under the bus, where it deserves to ride.


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