Man Confronts Nancy Pelosi: ‘Prison Time is Coming Soon [VIDEO]

Man Confronts Nancy Pelosi: ‘Prison Time is Coming Soon [VIDEO]

People on both sides of the aisle are revolting against the Democrats.

These crooked politicians reigned unchecked for decades, and finally the unmasking of them has angered the nation.

From Obamacare to their cheating of Bernie Sanders, Americans of all political persuasions have had enough. Ironically, the actions of the Democrats may have united the nation.

While the Democrats set a trap for Trump that backfired, high-ranking Democrats now fall under scrutiny. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has some “‘esplaining” to do, and she will have a difficult time avoiding jail. But she’s not the only Democrat with problems.


On Tuesday, YouTube channel, Conservative Muricans posted a video of an unnamed man approaching House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in D.C.. The man presented a foreboding message:

“Prison time is coming soon, be ready.”

From the video you can see the following:

“Nancy!”, the man called out as he went to shake Pelosi’s hand.

“Hi”, Nancy said to the man hesitantly.

“Prison time is coming soon – be ready.”

Hey, things could have been a lot worse, right? Just ask Congressman Scalise.

Pelosi appeared shaken by what the man had said to her, but at least she didn’t end up with bullet holes in her.

Regardless of this man’s premonition, the Democrats don’t need a psychic to know what comes next.

As we discussed, their poll numbers are horrific.

I am on record calling Donald Trump’s thrashing of Hillary Clinton. Then I predicted that the Republicans would win the special elections. Next, I have called 2018, where the Republicans will easily hold the House, and make gains in the Senate.

And I didn’t need polls to help me draw my conclusions. Nevertheless, as the article suggests, the Democrats are in big trouble.

Those were the sobering findings of a Democratic survey commissioned by the party-backed House Majority PAC, which Politico and McClatchy first reported. The poll surveyed working-class white voters in pivotal districts that Democrats are targeting in the midterms. Despite the Trump turmoil in Washington, Republicans held a 10-point lead on the generic ballot (43-33 percent) among these blue-collar voters. Democrats hold a whopping 61 percent disapproval rating among these voters, with only 32 percent approving. Even Trump’s job-approval rating is a respectable 52 percent with the demographic in these swing districts.

Democrats maintain that with robust economic messaging, they can move those numbers in their favor. But the results show how difficult that task will be. By a stunning 35-point margin, blue-collar white voters believe that Republicans will be better at improving the economy and creating jobs than Democrats. Under Trump, the economy has been growing—even in the disadvantaged parts of the country. Between promising job creation and Trump’s own paeans to blue-collar work, it’s hard to see the GOP numbers changing significantly.

Democrats now target working-class whites. How’s that for irony. The people Democrats happily forgot are now a focal point.

And things don’t get any better, when you single out the Democrats.

For example, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer finds himself on shaky ground.

A new poll released by Siena College shows Schumer’s ‘block at all cost’ strategy is hurting his standings among New Yorkers.

Siena College poll released on Thursday found that 37 percent of New Yorkers have an unfavorable opinion of Schumer. This approval rating represents Schumer’s worst rating ever in this category. Further, the poll also rated Schumer’s favorability among New Yorkers at its lowest point ever.

As I warn with all polls, consider these polls are heavily weighted towards leftists. So the news is worse than it appears. Schumer and other leftists have bet on their obstructionist strategy, and polls suggest the strategy has failed.

And what of sacred cow (pun intended) Hillary Clinton?

I wrote of Clinton and her husband recently,

We all know the Clintons have lost their juice.

Bill Clinton used to be the big swinging pecker on campus, but now he’s just a lecherous old fart. And his wife hasn’t fared much better.

As WaPo reported,

Most of the time, the candidates who lose presidential elections collect a consolation prize: grudging public respect. With the campaigns over, with the negative ads bundled up for a museum, the defeated candidates slowly edge back into public life. They teach college classes. They appear in Viagra ads…star in Netflix documentaries. Within six months or so, people ask themselves: “Hey, why couldn’t this loser have shown this side of himself last year? I’d have voted for him!”

Enter: Hillary Clinton, the first modern candidate to break this rule. According to Bloomberg’s new polling, just 39 percent of Americans view Clinton favorably. One month ago, Gallup found 41 percent of Americans viewing her favorably.

“Seven months after her loss, Clinton’s image remains near its record low since 1992 — even though prior losing candidates’ images improved after their defeats,” Gallup marveled.

Keep in mind these are polls that lean Democrat and Independent.

Further, these polls are with a complicit media industrial complex that attempts daily to convince America that the Clintons are relevant.

Do we really need to test Pelosi’s favorability, likability, and so on? She even under fire from her own team.

In order to save her own hide, Pelosi like Schumer turned on Hillary Clinton:

Due to Hillary Clinton’s absence and her obvious loss of power, Democrats now jump her bones.

Recently, Chuck Schumer threw Hillary Clinton under the bus, as he said she needs to own her loss. It only took Schumer seven months to finally admit that the Democrats offered up a bad candidate.

But Schumer isn’t the only Democrat jumping on the Clinton carcass.

As The Daily Caller reported:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi seemed to take an underhanded shot at the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign Sunday, while defending the Democratic Party’s new message known as “a better deal.”

“You call for higher wages, lower prescription drug costs, job training, infrastructure,” Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace said to Pelosi. “I’m not saying any of that is wrong, what I am saying is none of it is new. We’ve been hearing it for years. We heard it from the Democrats and Hillary Clinton in 2016 and you lost.”

Pelosi didn’t disagree with Wallace, instead highlighting the fact that Congressional Democrats are in charge of the messaging for the first time since 2006 and that they, unlike Clinton in 2016, won.

“We’re going to hear it [Democratic messaging] with more clarity,” Pelosi explained. “For the first time since 2006, Congressional Democrats are in charge of the message. In ’06, we were in charge. We won.”

“We had a Democratic president in ’08,” Pelosi said. “Now it is our turn to win the Congress for the American people.”

That’s as close as Democrats get to eating their own.

But the message is clear: the Clintons no longer have a place in the Democrat power structure. Hillary Clinton shouldn’t worry, because soon Pelosi and Schumer will suffer the same fate.

None of these moves will save Pelosi or the Democrats. And I’m happy to see the Democrats dine on the weakened bodies of their brethren. Even before death has officially occurred. How buzzardlike.

As the man said, “Prison time’s coming soon.”.

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