Obama’s Return Already in the Works!

Obama’s Return Already in the Works

His plans to resurface politically are being carefully crafted.

Obama wants to be in charge without anyone noticing that he’s in charge. 

Obama's return; #KevinJacksonObama’s shadow government is a failure. Recall Obama hoped to undermine Trump at every turn.

However, his attempts to create an alternative universe where he’s still the boss didn’t pan out. Therefore, his only hope for holding power now is to remain the face of the Democratic Party. But it’s not that simple. Not everyone is interested in Obama part 2. Thus, he must be extremely careful with his takeover efforts.

Obama will tiptoe back on the scene with fundraisers and other behind the scenes efforts. That’s the official version, anyway. Surely he can raise as much money as the Clinton’s raised, can’t he?

But that likely won’t satisfy Obama’s need for power. He’s been giving party advice since Hillary’s big loss. He wants liberals to believe Obama is the savior and everyone else falls short. So this new plan is just another sneaky way of keeping a foothold.

According to The Hill:

In recent months, Obama has played a larger behind-the-scenes role than was publicly known.

One aide describes the beginning of a “delicate dance” that aims to put Obama in the Democratic fray but prevents him from remaining the face of the party.

“He’ll tread lightly because he is not going to be the face of the party when it actually counts in 2020 and 2024,” Jillson said. “So the extent to which he would emerge and speak to a wide range of issues would preclude the emergence of someone else. They must find a standard-bearer for future elections, and I think he can at least in the short term suck up all the available oxygen.”

To that point, Democrats have also worried about Hillary Clinton’s presence on the national stage.

“It’s wise for both Clinton and Obama to hang back at this point,” one Democratic strategist said. “Otherwise our party will have an even harder time rebounding.

“We already lack a party leader, we lack a vision, we lack an identity,” the strategist said bluntly. “We can’t remain stuck in the past.”

Obama should take a cue from other past presidents.

Obama's return; #KevinJacksonMost presidents retire from the political scene. They play golf, open libraries, give a few speeches and do charity work. Obama should take a cue from them.

It’s time he’s stays out of politics. His legacy is shot. Obama doubled the national debt and declared war on the police. The fiasco of Obamacare is still wreaking havoc on our nation. He freed terrorists from Guantanamo and laundered money to fund their operations overseas. Obama buried billions in fake environmental funds and gave billions more to failing companies pretending to bring us green energy solutions. But liberals like to say he left office without a single scandal.

Obama didn’t leave without a scandal. Leftists were just too dumb to count them.

However, Obama’s minions believe he’s the driving force behind the democrats. That could backfire big time. The anti-Obama rhetoric energized enough people to put Trump in office.

Furthermore, Republicans recognize Obama is one of the biggest reasons the media crucifies Trump unfairly. If Obama returns to the spotlight, the right will lash out.

The Plan

Now, Obama could start campaigning for Democrats, such as Ralph Northam. Northam is running for governor of Virginia.

As the Daily Caller reports:

David Turner, a campaign spokesman for the Northam camp, told The Washington Post last June that Obama promised to campaign for Northman in the state that the former president won in 2008 and 2012.

However, Obama’s support will bring Trumpers out in droves. Along with counting the Trump victories, defeating the left remains a top priority. Even when liberals can’t see who’s winning, the votes make it clear.



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