Nancy Pelosi Finally Does the Politically Unthinkable

Nancy Pelosi Finally Does the Politically Unthinkable

Anybody seen Hillary Clinton? Apparently, she has disappeared back down her rat hole.

Due to Hillary Clinton’s absence and her obvious loss of power, Democrats now jump her bones.

Recently, Chuck Schumer threw Hillary Clinton under the bus, as he said she needs to own her loss. It only took Schumer seven months to finally admit that the Democrats offered up a bad candidate.

But Schumer isn’t the only Democrat jumping on the Clinton carcass.

As The Daily Caller reported:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi seemed to take an underhanded shot at the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign Sunday, while defending the Democratic Party’s new message known as “a better deal.”

“You call for higher wages, lower prescription drug costs, job training, infrastructure,” Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace said to Pelosi. “I’m not saying any of that is wrong, what I am saying is none of it is new. We’ve been hearing it for years. We heard it from the Democrats and Hillary Clinton in 2016 and you lost.”

Pelosi didn’t disagree with Wallace, instead highlighting the fact that Congressional Democrats are in charge of the messaging for the first time since 2006 and that they, unlike Clinton in 2016, won.

“We’re going to hear it [Democratic messaging] with more clarity,” Pelosi explained. “For the first time since 2006, Congressional Democrats are in charge of the message. In ’06, we were in charge. We won.”

“We had a Democratic president in ’08,” Pelosi said. “Now it is our turn to win the Congress for the American people.”

That’s as close as Democrats get to eating their own.

But the message is clear: the Clintons no longer have a place in the Democrat power structure. Hillary Clinton shouldn’t worry, because soon Pelosi and Schumer will suffer the same fate.

The article continues,

Wallace also asked her about critics who have said the Democratic leadership team is too old, and that fresh blood is needed.

“Well let me just say this, self-promotion is a terrible thing but somebody’s gotta do it,” Pelosi responded with a smile. “I’m a master legislator. I know the budget to the nth degree.”

I’m curious how the Congressional Black Caucus feels about Pelosi calling herself a “master legislator”. I mean, given that the CBC are only legislators. I can’t imagine they will complain too much, since every plantation needs a master.


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