Antifa Terrorists Attack ONE OF THEIR OWN by Accident [VIDEO]

Antifa Terrorists Attack ONE OF THEIR OWN by Accident [VIDEO]

I enjoy when Leftism smacks itself in the face.

And that’s literally what happened to this Antifa protester. After he was PROFILED by Antifa.

The hate group, Antifa profiled one of its own members. They mistook him for what they deemed a “Nazi”, and somebody punched him in the face…hard!

Look at the gash left by some “tolerant” Leftists, who ironically hit a man there to be part of their protest.

The black woman says to the Antifa terrorists,

You can’t hit somebody you assume is a neo-Nazi. You cannot do that. He’s on our side.

But what if he were a neo-Nazi? Would it have been ok then?

After Antifa figures out that the man is “on their side”, their “compassion” comes out. They tell him to sit down, and begin tending his wounds.

Lesson learned. Don’t defy the Left. Further, always be on their side publicly or else.

Someone asks the man if what he’s doing there and if he plans to stay. He replies, “I’m not really sure right now.”

Leftism reveals its ugly nature. And this man got a first-hand lesson on how Leftism works.

First, profile. Leftists decry those who profile. Cops, white people, parents, and anybody else who looks out for their well-being or that of their family and friends. Somebody in Antifa assumed the man was a neo-Nazi, and did what Leftists do. That person sucker-punched him, with no provocation.

Next, strike. Leftists don’t bother to ask. They are cowards, thus they need a sneak attack.

Interestingly, the media doesn’t care about such attacks. This man is a casualty of war. Moreover, the Left doesn’t care that Antifa openly uses violence against the opposition–taxpaying, law-abiding American citizens–or their own.

But imagine if the Tea Party employed such tactics. The outcry for civility would be deafening. Where are the Tea Party comparisons? The Left certainly love to take their swipes in demonizing the Tea Party on policy. However, they never discuss the fact that the Tea Party never burned down a college or businesses.

Such is the double-standard of the Left.

My bet is the man in that video will rethink his position with the Left, and Antifa. He now knows first-hand that the people he supports are hypocrites. Show this video to your Leftist acquaintances. They need to know what they stand for.


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