SHOCKING CORRELATION: White Presidents and New Orleans Flooding

SHOCKING CORRELATION: White Presidents and New Orleans Flooding

Holy Katrina! It’s happened again in New Orleans. Flooding.

And this flooding didn’t take the biggest hurricane in history, and one named after a BLACK WOMAN.

Recently, the governor of Louisiana declared a state of emergency in New Orleans on Thursday due to flooding. As with Hurricane Katrina, the city’s water-pumping system malfunctioned, leaving much of the city flooded and even more under threat of flooding.

The irony is the bulk of the rains from a flash flood a few days ago has ended, yet, the city scrambled to repair fire-damaged equipment at a power plant in hopes of shoring up its drainage system.

New Orleans is actually under sea level, and relies on levies and pumps to keep the place dry. In the event of torrential rains like those that occurred recently, the city’s pumping system cannot malfunction, as the whole city lies at risk of flooding.

The city remains unnerved. In the aftermath of Katrina, the citizens of New Orleans fought to rebuild the city. They believed the politicos learned lessons from Katrina.

Like don’t blame the president.

The problems in New Orleans existed long before George Bush. However, former Mayor-turned-convict Ray Nagin blamed the Bush administration. Other Leftists were quick to follow.

Democrat mayors have ruled the city of New Orleans for quite some time, and yet the city experienced more flooding. Thankfully, God showed His grace during the Era of Obama. Instead, he waited for yet another white president to flood “Chocolate City”.

It’s only a matter of time before some Leftist decides to blame Trump for the flooding of New Orleans. He or she will claim that Trump is a racist, and allowed the floods to hit New Orleans.

But as we have learned about the Left, whatever the trauma, it’s almost always their fault. Who doesn’t insure that the pumps work in a city that lies beneath sea level?! That’s like doctors not washing their hands before an operation.

It is reported that Gov. John Bel Edwards described his emergency declaration as a precautionary measure. Really, Noah? The pumps don’t work and the city is flooding, so I suggest he charter boats.

Edwards along with Mayor Mitch Landrieu have attempted to snip frayed nerves, as New Orleans citizens are rightfully upset. How dare these morons put citizens at risk by not having emergency preparedness in the face of storms. But check out what the governor had to say at a City Hall news conference:

“Obviously this is a serious situation, but it’s not something to be panicked about.”

Don’t panic, if you love swimming in sewage for a few days.

Despite the assurances of Governor Edwards, Mayor Landrieu warned of even more flooding.

He urged residents to move vehicles to higher ground. That had to be a confidence boost to the citizens of New Orleans.

No matter how much tax money has been pumped into New Orleans, they can’t even pump out water. And Leftists wonder why Conservatives are so critical of them. They promise everything, but deliver nothing. Tax and spend, but don’t depend on the government to keep you dry or flood free.

The best thing that could happen to New Orleans is for President Trump to involve himself.



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