Sweet Jesus! Hillary Clinton’s Latest Scam is Blasphemous

Sweet Jesus! Hillary Clinton’s Latest Scam is Blasphemous

The failed politician wants to rebrand herself.

Now, Hillary believes she should be a preacher. Lord help us. 

Hillary Clinton's Latest Scam #KevinJacksonApparently being a total failure as a presidential candidate is a spiritual experience, and now Hillary wants to share her awakening with the rest of us. Losing to Trump sent her on an entirely new path.

According to the Daily Caller:

Clinton wants to preach, according to her pastor Rev. Bill Shillady, who has written a book about the former secretary of state’s spiritual life, particularly during her years-long campaign for president.

During a promotional photoshoot for “Strong for a Moment Like This: The Daily Devotions Of Hillary Rodham Clinton,” a year’s worth of devotions tailored for Clinton as she campaigned for president, Clinton told Shillady that she’d like spiritual leadership to be part of her career.

Clinton asked Shillady not to write about her desire to be a pastor, however, because “it will make me seem much too pious,” Clinton told Shillady, according to The Atlantic.

“Strong for a Moment Like This” promises “365 of the more than 600 devotions written for Clinton, along with personal notes, portions of her speeches, and headlines that provide context for that day’s devotion,” according to a press package from publisher Abingdon Press. Clinton received personalized devotions every day from Shillady and a small team of other pastors throughout the election.

Am I the only one not buying this? Since when is Hillary a model Christian?

Confession Time

If Clinton is serious about preaching, it’s time to call for a few confessions. For example, there are a lot of dead bodies tied to Clinton. If we leave out Benghazi, we still have a very long list. At least 11 bodyguards assigned to the Clintons are dead. What happened to them? Since Hillary’s found Jesus, surely she can tell us now.

The bodyguards are the tip of the iceberg. Remember Vince Foster? He worked with Hillary at the Rose Law Firm. He supposedly committed suicide, by shooting himself in the neck and the head. One of many fishy suicides Clinton should carry on her conscious.

Ron Brown, former DNC Chairman, wanted to cut a deal with prosecutors, but his plane crashed and there was a bullet hole in his head. Hallelujah, praise the Lord, doesn’t that sound like the Christian way to solve a problem?

Anyone who ever stood up to the Clinton’s ended up committing suicide or dying in a tragic turn of events. Fires, plane crashes, car wrecks… it’s a Lifetime movie script in the making. Even a pregnant woman is on the list of people who dropped dead around the Clintons. But baby killing isn’t much of a crime if you ask Hillary.

Still, behind the pile of dead bodies stands a mastermind- and it isn’t Billy boy. It’s Hillary. As we have reported time and again, Clinton is a felon. She should have been arrested long ago. It’s nothing new to say Hillary had loose lips with American secrets and put America in danger. Remember her emails to Sid Vicious? Judge Andrew Napolitano thought Hillary should be charged immediately. Of course she had friends in high places to keep her safe.

As we wrote at the time:

For decades, Hillary has been walking around like O.J. Simpson. Everybody knows she’s a murderer. Still, she manages to get away with it. If you’re like me, you can’t get away with doing 70 in a 65 but crooked Hillary commits treason once a week and she’s playing Freebird in the back of her limo.

Yet, this same woman wants to sell herself as a devoted Methodist following the Lord? Furthermore, she wants to lead others down the path of righteousness?

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Hillary’s loss hit her hard. She’s still trying to recover. Truthfully, Hillary thought the election was rigged. Under no circumstance could she lose. Therefore, it’s taken her months to accept the fact that she’s not sitting in the Oval Office.

Now she’s like one of those desperate housewives with too much time on her hands. It’s understandable that she would be looking to recreate her image. Her current image- LOSER, probably stings a bit. However, this woman is the anti-Christ. When looking back at her behavior during the campaign, no one believes she was guided by daily devotionals. And if she thinks she comes off as spiritual, she must’ve hit her head pretty hard somewhere on the campaign trail.

Would a preacher spend decades spinning lies and creating scandals? And what of these $300,000 speeches? Did she give that money to charity? A real charity, not the Clinton Foundation-

This woman charges children $2,700 to ask her a question. What kind of spiritual leader is that?

Sadly, the I can’t help but wonder if this is just another way to get people to donate money. Clinton loves to stock pile the hard-earned dollars of the working class.

Look, I know Jesus loves all of us- but I don’t think Hillary is cut out for leading anyone down the Lord’s path. However, I would advise her to spend lots of time practicing the Lord’s prayer. She’s gonna need quite a bit of forgiveness to get off the naughty list.








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