Trump Effect: Black Employment TORMENTS Democrats

Trump Effect: Black Employment TORMENTS Democrats

The racist Democrats are desperately trying to convince their plantation Negro’s that Donald Trump isn’t good for black people.

But the REAL truth is in the short 8 months of Trump being in office black Americans are already better off.

According to The Daily Caller,

“BLS stats show that from July of 2016 to July of 2017, the unemployment rate for black Americans has dropped one full percentage point. Last year, the rate was 8.4 percent. It fell to 7.4 percent.

Most of the gains came under the Trump administration. The rate has dropped from 8.0 percent this March to the 7.4 percent level now. That’s the lowest rate among blacks since December of 2000 — some 17 years ago. And it’s a lot lower than the 16.8 percent black unemployment rate Barack Obama saw at its worst level, back in March of 2010.”

Yes, there goes that racist Donald Trump again, already saving blacks from the worst unemployment rates in 17 years. And this is bad news for Democrats. What will they do if Trump steals away their Negroes. Imagine more and more blacks living the American Dream. Moreover, blacks relying less and less on the “gubment”.

This is a far cry from what Obama delivered. As most blacks only admit privately, Obama crushed the black community.

According to The National Review, the first black president is responsible for a decrease in black American labor force participation by 2.4%, a decrease in black teenage labor force participation by 2.7%. Obama’s policies increased poverty among black Americans by 1.6%, and brought a decrease in the median income for black households by 1.5%.

It’s as if Obama intentionally tried to hurt blacks.

As Katt Williams put it, “Black people made Obama Superman, but forgot to ask the n*gga if he knew how to fly!”

Now under new leadership blacks have begun to thrive. During a press conference last week regarding the riots in Charlottesville, the press asked Trump what was needed to heal race relations. Trump responded, “by creating jobs.’

“We have companies, I’ll say pouring back into our country, and I think that’s going to have a huge positive impact on race relations. You know why? It’s jobs,” Trump continued. “What people want is jobs, they want great jobs with good pay and you watch how race relations will be.”

Trump is right. Jobs are so significant to helping the black community because it gets people busy and off the streets. Jobs create a sense of confidence, value, and purpose in ones life. Additionally, job creation will help the high crime rates that plague the black community.

The Economic Policy Institute reports:

“Jobs are essential to improving African American communities. Increased employment would help people in these communities lift themselves out of poverty. In addition, because poor economic conditions are an important causal factor behind poor educational outcomes and high crime rates are correlated with high unemployment rates, creating job opportunities would help improve educational outcomes and reduce crime.”

In Trump’s first six months in office he has created over one million jobs. In that same period, Obama lost almost 4 million.

What began with Carrier, where Trump used the “magic wand” to save 1000 jobs, continues with many other companies.

And unlike Obama, Trump plays “call pocket.” He doesn’t refer to the obscure and fake unemployment numbers, by the way at 29-year lows. Trump tells you where he will create jobs, so there can be no misunderstanding.

Blacks will soon get that Trump is president for everybody. And because blacks suffered under Obama, they will see Trump as a breath of fresh. Many already have. This is why only a handful of the Congressional Black Circus members are vocal against Trump. Things will worsen for the Democrats. Trump will force them to eat crow…black crow.


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