Leftists STUNNED: Trump More Popular after Charlottesville

Leftists STUNNED: Trump More Popular after Charlottesville

Remember when Trump debated. Everybody thought his poll numbers would drop.

They didn’t. In fact, they went up.

Now the Left planned their Charlottesville incident, and the same thing has happened. Although the Left tried to blame Trump for the violence that occurred, the shock and awe has failed.

After the violence occurred, the Left claimed that Trump didn’t deny the violence of the “right” quickly enough. People quickly learned that the Right had nothing to do with this. Moreover, there is no timetable for denouncing something.

Recall the Left tried this tactic when David Duke supposedly announced that he supported Trump. That didn’t work either.

So now what? Despite a nearly constant barrage of attacks, Trump polls higher in Charlottesville.

According to the Daily Wire:

A PBS/NPR/Marist poll conducted after the Charlottesville protests found a whopping 62 percent of registered voters preferring to maintain Confederate memorials as a “historical symbol” over removing them “because they’re offensive to some people.” The issue united Republicans (86 percent approved maintaining them and only 6 percent disapproved), while dividing Democrats (47 percent approved removing them and 44 percent disapproved). Even a 44 percent plurality of African-Americans didn’t want to tear them down.

I differ with Trump on blaming “both sides”, as I see the Left being fully responsible for Charlottesville.

Nevertheless, the base likes Trump’s approach.

A full 87% of Republicans agreed with him on this issue, an improvement of the 80% of Republicans who generally approve of the way he is doing his job. Perhaps more astounding given the media climate, Trump’s job approval ratings went up across the board:

On the overall job approval front, post Charlottesville, Trump has improved +4 points in Gallup, jumped +6 points with Quinnipiac (compared to the previous month), and held steady overall. Over at Real Clear Politics, Trump’s average approve/disapprove improved from 37.4%/ 57.4% (-20) to 39%/55% -16) — hardly spectacular, but more proof that, at best, the media frenzy has had absolutely no effect whatsoever on public opinion. At worst (in the eyes of the media), the public has inched closer to Trump post-Charlottesville.

In other words, after the media onslaught, Trump remains firmly in control of the narrative. The fake news narrative of the Left has failed again. Don’t think this will stop the media from continuing to lie. One would think that after all the Trump successes the media would begin to get the picture and begin working with the administration.

What America loves about Trump is his straight talk. Trump isn’t polling for the best answers, which means he gives answers from the heart. Blunt truth usually works best, so “Yes, that dress does make you look fat!”

Americans got the point about Charlottesville. Just another event sponsored by Leftists, where Leftists attempted to establish a fake narrative. And what Trump proved is he can withstand the best the Left can deliver and still stand tall.


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