Watch This Black Mom REMOVE Her Son from BLM [VIDEO]

Watch This Black Mom REMOVE Her Son from BLM [VIDEO]

This mother is a hero to me.

I know the bleeding heart Leftists will say she’s abusing her child. And those are the people responsible for this “child” getting caught up with a terrorist organization.

For the multitude of silly ass Leftists who believe they control the black population, I give you Super Mom.

This mother deserves an award. She didn’t care who saw her whoopin’ that ass.

And to his credit, the young black teen thug-in-training responded appropriately, as he took his ass-kicking like a champ.

What I like most is the mother didn’t do the “white” thing, and wait until she got home so she could put the child in time out. She publicly humiliated the teen. This way,¬†other blacks could see how to discipline a teen headed for the penitentiary or the grave.

Next, and perhaps more importantly, her public humiliation allowed me to use this video as a teaching tool for the brain-dead morons on the Left.

I have no idea about the life of this mother. I suggest she is single mother, because if she were married to the boy’s father, she would only have had to look as the father parented the teen.

One thing is for sure, this mother doesn’t buy into Leftism. I can hear her saying to the boy

“WTF are you doing?! WTF is wrong with you!…get the f*ck out of here!”

A part of me doesn’t like seeing a black mother go “jungle” on her youth.

However, that’s all that works with kids this far gone. Her job was not to coax him out. She wasn’t supposed to be gentle. She demonstrated tough love that this teen will never forget.

One can easily see her frustration. If she is a single mother, she’s a good one. She taught this boy better. So to find out that he’s involved in nonsense infuriates her.

Her anger is taken out on him, but I want you to consider what she would have done to the person(s) who convinced her precious baby to do something so stupid.

Such is the fate that awaits Democrats. More and more, America will see examples of blacks who have tired of the games played by Democrats. The revolt began with the election of Donald Trump, as many blacks ignored Obama and Hillary Clinton. More than you can get to admit voted for Trump, and those numbers will grow in 2018.

If anybody knows this woman, please get her in contact with our team, as we would like to give her an award.



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