Watch Phoenix Rioter SHOT in the Naughty Bits [VIDEO]

Watch Phoenix Rioter Shot in the Naughty Bits [VIDEO]

I must say, “NICE SHOT!”

Let’s hope this guy can’t procreate after getting hit with a non-lethal in the naughty bits.

Phoenix cops don’t play. And when President Trump came to town, they made sure things didn’t get out of hand.

This video reminds me of the riots that happened in Portland. Despite the town being very Leftists, the cops certainly weren’t. Here’s what we wrote at the time.

America has had enough of the anarchists. And there are a few places where anarchy has ruled for far too long.

You know the locations. Anywhere Leftist governments are in control. At times even they realize the error of their ways, and they must dispatch law enforcement to do the dirty work of the Leftist politicians who hide in the shadows.

Portland Oregon is one such hotbed of Leftist anarchy. Oregon has long been occupied by idiots, Californicated decades ago. So in the recent protests centered around America’s fairly elected president, young anarchists have felt they have carte blanche to disrupt anything and everything.



Portland protesters thought they were going to get away with blocking city buses. However, riot police had different plans. As FOX KPTV reported:

Officers with the Portland Police Bureau quickly responded to groups of protesters gathering in the downtown area and blocking transit lines.

FOX 12 was on hand as officers detained protesters who were blocking a TriMet bus near the intersection of Southwest Yamhill and 6th Avenue.

In total, Portland police said 14 people were arrested throughout Wednesday afternoon and evening.

In this video you can hear people cheering the police for doing their jobs.

I suspect that the people who watched the guy in Phoenix get shot in the nuts cheered as well. I know I did.

Americans know law and order. That’s what separates us from the rest of world. We believe in rule of law, or at least we used to. Now law and order is back, and you can bet most Americans are thankful.


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