You’ll never guess what Caitlyn Jenner is apologizing for

You’ll never guess what Caitlyn Jenner is apologizing for.

Bruce-turned-Caitlyn Jenner has made a lot of bold moves in her/his lifetime. But none of them as bold as this one.

Forget that the epitome of manhood in the 80s has now turned into a woman. How many “man-crushes” were destroyed by Caitlyn? How many guys who spoke of Bruce Jenner’s prowess now seek therapy?

The man on the Wheaties box, iconic manhood in the form of America’s Olympic-winning decathlete is now a woman?

Nevertheless, Caitlyn has no shame for that move. So what guys. Deal with the new Bruce. She’s here, and she’s queer. Now part of the LGBTQ community.

But does Caitlyn feel bad for leading on the Kardashian mother?

This is like Jason Collins, LGBTQ hero who led a woman to believe he would marry her. Then Collins declared his love of men. No apology necessary. Gay trumps white chick problems all day and twice on Sunday.

Caitlyn gave Kris Kardashian the run-around. Sure he bailed her out when things were rocky with her husband, the famed defense attorney for OJ. But that’s past. I think if Bruce had told Kris Kardashian his real feelings, she would have taken a different path, and not needed a “lick-her” license, if you know what I mean.

But don’t expect Caitlyn to apologize for that, when there are bigger fish to fry. And Caitlyn had a Fish-Fry-A-Palooza recently, when she was spotted in a Make America Great Again hat.

Caitlyn’s felt the wrath of her Leftist friends, as well as the transgender community.

They revolted against her, because how DARE a trans support whomever they wish! The LGBTQ community must be kept in check, like blacks. And they will go after her.

Thus, Caitlyn quickly issued an apology. She said she didn’t know what she was thinking!

The Daily Caller reports:

“Pictures of the transgender spokesman came out on Thursday sporting the fire-engine red hat as he drove from his home in Malibu, Calif., to the Sherwood Country Club for a round of golf, according to the Hill.

Jenner told TMZ on Saturday that he had rummaged quickly through his things to find a hat to keep his hair from blowing all over the place while riding in his convertible. He didn’t realize he had chosen the hat with President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.

Jenner even headed into a Starbucks after the golf match still wearing the hat.

Jenner formally apologized to his friends and the public during his interview with TMZ and said that he couldn’t believe what he had done.

“I apologize to all of the trans community. I made a mistake…will never do it again and I’m getting rid of the hat,” Jenner said.”

It appears Bruce-turn-Caitlyn still doesn’t know who he is.

It is comical to think out of all the dramatic outrageous stunts Jenner has pulled in his/her life it’s the wearing of a Make America Great Again hat that he’s most embarrassed for.

ESPN noted:

“The signature moment of Jenner’s historic accomplishment didn’t come during any of the ten track and field events of the competition. It came right after he finished second in the 1,500-meter run, the final event of the decathlon, with the gold medal clinched. As Jenner was still gathering himself, a fan ran onto the field and handed Jenner a small American flag on a stick before being escorted away by security guards.

So Jenner slowly lifted the flag in the air and waved it emphatically as the crowd roared, creating one of the most indelible images in the history of the Games. Now it’s almost hard to image a gold medal moment at the Olympics not ending with an athlete waving or draped in his or her country’s flag.”

Then, Jenner married into the crazy, drama-filled Kardashian family bringing birth to a new life as a reality TV star. Next, as if being a “Kardashian” wasn’t strange enough, on July 2015 Jenner made his debut as a Caitlyn. Vanity Fair interviewed the newly minted woman (with original male parts), as he discussed abandoning his fans, friends, and wife. And let’s not forget leaving his children fatherless.

Yet Caitlyn finds wearing a MAGA hat appalling. And so much so, that she needs to apologize to “the community”.

Since when does LGBTQ trump country. Make America great again offends the LGBTQ? I suggest Make Syria Great Again might make Caitlyn and other LGBTQ feel more free.

The America where Bruce can be a freak named Caitlyn is a pretty remarkable country. I dare Caitlyn to take her act to the Middle East and see how well she fares.

The Muslims have no muscle-memory of Bruce Jenner, and they certainly won’t appreciate Caitlyn.


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