Bernie Sanders MOCKS Hillary Clinton: ‘She stole my ideas’

Bernie Sanders MOCKS Hillary Clinton: ‘She stole my ideas’

Bernie Sanders got paid by Hillary Clinton. Because he had more than paid his dues.

The riches Sanders received from Hillary Clinton was salve for the wounds he was willing to take to throw the fight.

However, in typical Hillary Clinton fashion, she now wants a refund. So in her recent book tour, Clinton attacked Sanders. How DARE Hillary Clinton now shift blame to Sanders for her losing the election. As Sanders sees it, he stepped aside (for money) so the more palatable candidate could be soundly defeated Trump.

Thus, Sanders did his part. Once he saw that the fix was in, he cashed out. And let’s face it, life has been good, no GREAT post-campaign.

So what the “Bernie of Bust” crowd has been left in the dust; a footnote in the annals of history, and roadkill for all intents and purposes. Bernie Sanders lives large, and in politics that’s what matter. As Bernie Sanders would say privately, “Who really cares about the little people?”

But Bernie Sanders does care about his reputation. And he in response to Clinton’s attempt to throw him under that crowded bus undercarriage, Sanders mocked rival Hillary Clinton’s claim he borrowed her policy ideas.

In an interview on MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes,” the Vermont Independent was asked to respond to a passage from Clinton’s new book “What Happened” in which she said Sanders reiterated her ideas and then made them “even bigger, loftier, and leftier — regardless of whether it was realistic or not.”

Sanders mocked in disbelief:

“‘Bernie Sanders just stole all of Hillary Clinton’s ideas!’ Does anyone really believe that?”

“The truth is, the real story is that the ideas we brought forth during that campaign, which was so ‘crazy and radical,’ have increasingly become mainstream. I talked about a $15 an hour minimum wage — Hillary did not. We’ve got 31 co-sponsors for $15 an hour minimum wage. We talked about a trillion-dollar infrastructure. We talked about making healthcare a right of all people through Medicare for All. It is becoming mainstream within the Democratic Party.”

I understand Sanders’ anger about the theft. But he should step back a bit and analyze things.

For example, if Hillary Clinton stole Sanders’ ideas, she still lost. So those ideas might not be as good as Sanders believes. The $15 minimum wage is a disaster.

When the wage went from $5.15 to $7.25 in the span of two years, it kept more than 1 million people out of work, according to a new working paper from Jeff Clemens and Michael Wither of the University of California at San Diego.

Clemens and Wither used data from the Census Bureau’s Survey of Income and Program Participation to estimate the degree to which the minimum wage bumps affected “targeted” workers — those most likely to be affected by these bumps. They were able to take advantage of the fact that many states set their minimum wage higher than the federal minimum, so when a federal minimum wage hike takes effect the actual impact varies state by state. By comparing outcomes in states with large minimum wage hikes to those with small ones, they calculated how much the higher minimum wage affected the labor market.

In St. Louis, they passed the $15 minimum wage, then Republicans stepped in.

The Atlantic reports on preemptive strikes against the minimum wage:

Leaders in the city of St. Louis agreed, and in 2015 they passed an ordinance designed to slowly increase the city’s minimum wage to $11 per hour. The move was challenged in courts, but the city eventually prevailed, and in May, the hourly base wage rose to $10 per hour. The following month, Missouri’s Republican-dominated General Assembly passed a law capping the minimum wage statewide.

This is known as a preemption law, because it involves the state government preempting local authority on a given matter—just as the federal government sometimes preempts state authority. As I wrote in The Atlantic earlier this year, there has been a major wave of state preemption laws around the country in recent years, the fruit of an era in which cities—even in traditionally conservative areas like the Deep South—are increasingly liberal, while conservative Republicans hold unprecedented control of state governments.

Sander created a feed frenzy across the country whereby legislatures banned big cesspools cities from enacting minimum wage laws.

And what of Sanders’ other bold ideas? He certainly can’t take credit for healthcare reform. Hillary Clinton tried and failed at healthcare reform as First Lady. Then Obama stole her idea, and created Obamacare.

Sanders claim on healthcare would be theft from the black man who had robbed the white woman. So by the letter of the law, Sanders’ theft of the idea from Obama might lead him to believe that Clinton stole the idea from him. Senile much, Bernie?

In short, I have to give healthcare to Hillary Clinton. Either way, Obamacare has failed miserably. Yet these two old coots fight over the legacy.

I love watching Leftists duke it out over nonsense.




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