Brass to Team Owners: NBA Players WILL STAND During National Anthem

Brass to Team Owners: NBA Players WILL STAND During National Anthem

In case you’re keeping score, it’s Trump 3 Sport 0.

NASCAR preemptively told drivers stand for the national anthem or else. Do I really need to tell you what’s happening in the NFL?

At the Thursday night matchup between Green Bay and Chicago, NO player took a knee. You think that was by accident?

We documented the beating the NFL brought on itself.

The National football league feels the “Trump effect.” But not like we Conservatives. For the NFL, the Trump Effect means BAD news.

The patient was sick, and have been for some time. However, ever since the president called out the NFL for their blatant disrespect for our flag and country, ticket sales and player endorsements have plummeted.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The online ticket reseller TickPick told Secrets that sales have dropped 17.9 percent, far more than the usual Week Three fall.

From TickPick:

  • 17.9 percent decrease in NFL orders this week compared to the previous week.
  • Last year the drop was 10.8 percent in orders on Monday & Tuesday following Week Three games.

“We have seen a massive decrease in NFL ticket purchases this past week in comparison to years past. Week 3 seems to usually have less ticket orders than week 2, but this year ticket purchases are down more than 7 percent from this time last year,” said TickPick’s Jack Slingland.

So tickets sales are in the tank, and ratings are even more embarrassing. It’s early in the season and things are bad. We documented this year’s season opener as one of the worst in years.

Then we had the brouhaha building between Stephen Curry and President Trump.

The league champion’s star player recently had his invitation to the White House revoked after he disrespected the president.

Do you think Stephen Curry will win this battle, or do you think President Trump is about the Phi Slamma Jamma all over the Warriors’s star guard. Curry sauce anyone?

I can report with great confidence that Curry will not win this battle. Because, the NBA has seen enough.

They’ve watched how NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell got caught in the locker room screwing the pooch. Thus, the NBA wants no part of the carnage they’ve witnessed.

If you think the NBA wants to buck Trump, then buck you! You’re delusional.

And, according to The Washington Post, which obtained a copy of the communique the NBA has issued an edict. The league sent a memo to all 30 teams on Friday reinforcing its rule that players and coaches must stand for the national anthem.

NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum sent the memo to owners, team presidents and general managers. Note, the NBA nor the NFL needed to send this memo to the fans.

President Trump recently challenged owners to not succumb to their players. That’s because the president knows America. Moreover, he knows the majority of us, those who actually work for a living and have the cash for extras won’t tolerate the players disrespecting our country.

Clearly, the NBA sends a stern message. The league won’t kowtow to terrorists.

What say you, Baseball? Care to make it 4-0?





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