Complete Week-One List of Anti-American Black Racists in NFL

Complete Week-One List of Anti-American Black Racists in NFL

Colin Kaepernick isn’t the only pseudo-black racist in the NFL.

No, the league has a smattering of ethnocentric black racist fighting for the bullsh*t cause of Black Lives Matter.

Because I don’t watch football any longer, I have to get the news of these young punks second-hand. They pretend to be “down with the cause,” but mostly do this to gain some street cred. It’s not working, but until it hits them in their wallets, a handful will continue to do so.

I wrote recently that if Roger Goodell would speak forcefully about disrespecting the country, these idiots would cease and desist immediately.

Leftists take a while to learn their lessons.

While the NFL comes off one of its worst years in decades, they still don’t get it.

The NFL Commissioner had the chance to stop the bleeding, but he fumbled.

If Goodell had said to these black babies, “Anybody who doesn’t stand for the national anthem will be suspended indefinitely from the league without pay,” you’d see where the loyalty lies for these clowns.

However, instead of warning these social justice pansies, aka the ethnocentric black racist that the league won’t tolerate disrespecting America, ergo the fans of the sport, Roger Goodell punted. He condoned black wannabe terrorists who opt to sit out the national anthem.

Ironically, Kaepernick promises his next team that he will stand for the anthem, if hired.

Sounds like Kaepernick may be feeling the pain of unemployment, and the lack of a multi-million dollar payday.

Let’s hope his fate happens to other. As Freedom Daily reports, there were quite a few young black frauds who protested in one form or another.

Seattle Seahawks’ defensive lineman Michael Bennett was the first protesting moron of the the season, who disgustingly took a knee while the anthem played to whine about being “oppressed,” just days after singing a $30 million dollar contract with the Seahawks.

Green Bay Packers’ tight end Martellus Bennett stood, but flashed his “black power fist,” a disgusting head nod to the racist blacks who continue to bash our country with their vile cop-hating antics.

Martellus is the brother of Michael, in case you notice the resemblance.

“Oppressed” millionaire San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid knelt for the national anthem before the 49ers’ game against the Carolina Panthers, as he continued his protests from last season, as he was seen frequently kneeling with Kaepernick last year.

We documented Marcus Peterson, cornerback for the Kansas City Chiefs, sitting.

Be sure to visit Freedom Daily FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF THESE CLOWNS during Week One.

I’m happy to report that Colin Kaepernick was noticeably missing!

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