Cop to Felon: ‘Reach for that gun I’ll blow your brains out’ [VIDEO]

Cop to Felon: ‘Reach for that gun I’ll blow your brains out’ [VIDEO]

Police have a difficult job that Leftist ignore.

Police are far from the blood-thirsty racist the Left portrays. Instead, most are caring individuals who do everything they can to preserve life.

Truth be told, the police give many people far too many chances. How many warnings would you give, if you felt your life was in imminent danger? I know my answer.

Officer Jonathon McCoy of the Kettering Ohio police department found himself making that life and death decision. What began as a routine traffic stop turned dangerous fast. As Officer McCoy stood at the vehicle, he noticed a gun sticking out of the pants of one oft he occupants. Watch how quickly things turned, and the level of intensity.

Jason Hoops was given dozens of commands to the occupants of the car before Officer McCoy fired nine shots at him.

Hoops, who possessed the firearm was killed in the hail of bullets that followed.

Kettering Police Chief Chip Protsman explained that Officer McCoy told Hoops six times to get his hands up. He ordered Hoops six times to put his hands on the dash, four times not to move. Next, he warned Hoops twice not to reach for the gun, twice not to do anything stupid and four times to relax. Finally, Officer McCoy was forced to use lethal force.

From the video you can hear the officer’s breathing quicken once he was forced to fire his weapon. Nevertheless, though in a high state of anxiety, he remain vigilant, aware of his surrounding.

He tells the woman (off camera) to lie down. Then he gets the passenger in the back of the vehicle out, and continues making commands. Though he’s watching the vehicle, he instructs the man to look down. Evidently, the officer didn’t want any movement that might be construed as hostile.

As for Hoops, according to Chief Protsman, the law prohibited Hoops, a convicted felon, from carrying a firearm. Moreover, police acknowledged a signed statement from an acquaintance of Hoops, whereby he said he was not going back prison. Hoops supposedly confided that he “was willing to take out any cop that he had to.”

Protsman added.

“We know there was a physical confrontation where the officer reached in and grabbed hold of Mr. Hoops’ right arm, trying to stop him from reaching down towards the gun. This continues for a little bit.”

“We now know through the investigation that Mr. Hoops pulled his hand away from him and then reached down for the gun, and the officer stepped back, and that’s when the shots were fired.”

In the video you can see Officer McCoy reach into the car with his left hand in an effort to keep Hoops from getting to his firearm. Listen closely and you can hear the female driver and other male in the van telling Hoops, “Jason, please don’t do it” and “it’s just not worth it”.

Hoops obviously didn’t heed the warnings.

According to Protsman, when police opened the door after backup arrived, “The gun was laying on the floorboard in between the door and the seat. So, at some point, that gun did come out of his pocket during this encounter.”

As with all officer-involved shootings, there will be a criminal investigation. Further, the grand jury process initiated as well as an internal probe, and officer McCoy will remain on administrative duty until the grand jury process was complete.

“What I’ve seen in this video, I’m pretty confident in saying that this officer did a very good job on this stop,” Protsman said.

Don’t expect the Black Lives Matter crowd or other Leftist terrorists to chant “No justice, no peace!” on behalf of Hoops. He’s just one of the many white guys killed by police. But you can bet that if Officer McCoy had an identical encounter with a black man we would know his name, and all the race pimps would be out in force.

Great job by Officer McCoy for getting a potentially bad man off the streets.





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