Check Out What DANGERS LURK in Houston Flood Waters [VIDEO]

Check Out What DANGERS LURK in Houston Flood Waters [VIDEO]

We recently mentioned the perils that come with floods.

Aside from the lack of potable drinking water and the diseases that lurk in flood waters, there are other perils.

In Texas, the fire ants go mobile. They create dangerous flotillas, and will gladly attack anybody or anything they come into contact with.

But the terrors that lurk beneath the water are the most frightening. Take snakes for instance. They need a place to go. Rattlesnakes and water moccasins pose a very real threat. But there remains an animal even more scary than snakes: alligators.

As Eagle Rising reports,

A Houston resident came face to face with a  nine foot alligator in his home, thanks to the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Brian Foster found the squatter when he returned home to assess the damage. He had to call the  Texas Game Warden in order to get the dinosaur out!

Imagine coming home to this “intruder”. Nine feet of bone-crushing bite.

Now I remember why I stopped swimming in Texas-area lakes!

You can bet this 9 foot monster isn’t the only alligator displaced by the flood. My bet is many of these animals made it up from New Orleans when Katrina hit. Somebody get that alligator FEMA aid.

All Texas needs now is to see bull sharks coming up from the ocean.

The Harris County Constable Precinct 4 posted on Facebook the following:

Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman’s Office responded to an intruder call at a residence near Lake Houston. Upon arrival, deputies were met by a large alligator who made his way into this flooded home. Constables will soon be delivering the alligator back into his natural habitat.

Last time I checked, water is an alligator’s natural habitat. He didn’t walk up to that home, but swam up. In other words, somebody put their house in this natural habitat. Nevertheless, like the “native Americans”, this alligator now must leave his home.

When you think of all the pictures of people wading through flood waters, the thought of this alligator puts that image in a different light. I wonder how people would have walked had they known about this gator?

Don’t think Hollywood isn’t taking note of this. I can see the marquee now: Flood Gators: The Terrifying Harvey Experience. Or something like that.



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