Democrats SHAKEN as Blacks Overwhelmingly Support President Trump

Democrats SHAKEN as Blacks Overwhelmingly Support President Trump

Give me your polls, and I will trump you with reality.

Everywhere you turn in the fake news media, they pretend the polls show Trump at untenable poll numbers. Trump is universally despised, if you believe the media.

Next, the same fake news media claims that Trump is racist. Their knowledge of Trump’s racism is based on their Leftist polls.

But then reality comes along and grabs the Left by their collective p*ssy. And that reality proves that the public for the most part likes our 45th president. Truth be told, most of the public likes President Trump more than they like former president Obama.

Check out the outpouring of love for President Trump in Texas.

And as I have said for some time, if Trump is a racist, he sucks at it.

Aside from the fact that nobody called Trump racist before he ran for president, there exists more proof. Like the fact that Trump dated a black woman prior to marrying his first wife, Ivana.

Additional proof comes in Trump’s support of all Americans, and not simply blacks. Trump doesn’t patronize blacks, like the Democrats. He actually finds blacks to be intelligent human beings, and not some special-interest group in need of hand-holding.

As the dramas in Houston unfolded moment by moment, President Trump motivated at ground level. Unlike Obama, President Trump didn’t just do a photo-op and make lots of empty promises. Obama hugged a white woman, made promises, then headed back to the golf course.

In contrast, President Trump hung out in Texas’ version of Chocolate City. He interacted with the people delivering on promises, and making sure his team new first-hand the job that lie before them. And Trump did this in Houston, Texas, a city with a very high population of blacks and Hispanics. So if President Trump hates minorities, he sure has a strange way of showing it.

I know racism and have met a lot of them when attending Democrat events. I know of no racist who does what Trump did in Houston.

Can you imagine a true racist helping so many minorities? Aside from writing a personal check for $1 million, Trump did much more.

Trump took selfies with black adults, and kissed black babies. Not exactly KKKesque now is it? And the Democrats HATE Trump’s performance.

I remind you of what the Washington Post wrote of the Bush, Obama, and Trump in handling of hurricanes:

When President George W. Bush arrived in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, he offered victims a personal message — one they needed to hear given his administration’s infamously slow and inept response to the storm. “To all who carry a burden of loss,” he said, “I extend the deepest sympathy of our country.”

And when President Barack Obama spoke from a beachside town in New Jersey that was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, he told residents much the same. “We are here for you,” he said, “and we will not forget.”

Little of that high-minded rhetoric was on display Tuesday when President Trump visited Texas to discuss the devastation from Hurricane Harvey. Trump, who ran on a promise of being a different kind of president, once again kept that promise.

He made virtually no mention of the storm’s victims, and there was no indication he met with any…didn’t call for donations or volunteers…didn’t mourn the dead.

Instead, Trump marveled at the size of Harvey (“it’s epic, what happened”), gushed about the crowd that had gathered to see him (“what a turnout”), offered hyperbole about the recovery effort (it will be “something very special”), and thanked his Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator (“a man who has really become very famous on television over the last couple of days”).

Although Bush’s handling of Katrina was called a disaster at the time, WaPo now claims Bush handled things better than Trump.

As Obama skipped out on the next hurricane that hit Louisiana, instead remaining on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, WaPo gives Obama high marks, only referring to Obama’s handling of Sandy. Note that if Trump had handled Sandy exactly as Obama did, you can bet WaPo would call the Sandy outcome disastrous.

Finally, when they get to Trump, WaPo wants to convince its paltry audience that Trump wasn’t “humane” enough. Trump brought his appropriate staff, and stayed days witnessing the carnage of Harvey first-hand, and pitched in monetarily and physically in the recovery. But for WaPo, Trump’s performance was poor.

And the Left wonder why they have no credibility?

Blacks all over the country have taken note of what Trump did during Sandy. And you can bet he’s earned lots of points for 2018 and beyond.


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